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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

UFOs: A Cry in the Dark

I've been enjoying the hell out of reading all the vintage UFO literature my friend Cxxx dropped off over the weekend. Most of the magazines are issues of Search magazine and Flying Saucers (From Other Worlds), all published between 1957 and 1962 by Palmer Publications of Amherst, Wisconsin.

There are all sorts of pleasures to be found on the pulpy pages of these old magazines -- sensational reports of true UFO encounters, treatises on complicated conspiracy theories, fuzzy pictures of unidentified flying blobs, and the enthusiastic carnival-barker musings of the irrepressible publisher Ray Palmer -- but, to my surprise, I keep finding myself drawn to the sections of the magazines designed to make connections between UFO buffs reading the magazine.

In most issues, these fall into two sections: Flying Saucer Club News, and Personals. The Club News section is filled with fascinating notices like this:
  • The N.J. Association on Aerial Phenomena is proud to announce the completion of the third issue of The UFO News Bulletin, its official bulletin. Sample copies may be obtained for 25 cents. Membership is $1.25 in U.S. and $1.50 elsewhere. NJAAP is willing to mimeograph.
  • The Research Organization of Aerial Phenomena is unique in its sound, scientific investigation of the UFOs, and its exceptionally excellent bulletin, The UFO Sighter. The token membership fee of 50 cents per year is all that is required to become a member of this vital organization.
  • Important: In the last issue of this magazine it was stated that the Flying Saucer Research Organization would charge no dues. After approximately 3 months of this we find it impossible to continue any longer. The dues will be 50 cents per year.
  • ATTENTION UFO CLUBS: The National Aerophenomena Research League cordially invites all UFO clubs to inquire about this new service. The N.A.R.L. is a group of UFO clubs working in cooperation with each other, exchanging ideas and information... So why not join N.A.R.L. and help UFOlogy "pull itself together?" There is nothing to lose.
The personal ads are, if anything, even more fascinating:
  • If you have ever seen a flying saucer, or have been inside one, or talked with anyone from outer space, or have similarly interesting experiences, please write: Jxxxx Hxxxxxx, The Steve Allen Show, The Steve Allen Playhouse, 1228 N. Vine St., Hollywood, California. I am a writer-talent coordinator for the show, searching for interesting guests for Steve to interview.
  • Want to purchase, rent or borrow book by George Adamski titled My Trip to Mars, Moon and Venus.
  • Any readers who can write or know of people who can write interplanetary languages are invited to send samples of script to the Interplanetary Research Society. Readers who can speak interplanetary tongues are asked to send samples of speech by tape.
And my favorite personal ad, placed by Janice K. in Massachusetts:
  • I would like to write to anyone who is interested in the saucers, and who may have an idea explaining why they are here. I believe they are here to help us, although their motives may not be all kindness. I am also extremely interested in writing to all those who ponder on the nature and composition of Time. I would like to discuss time travel in some detail with those who know something about it. I also have a ouija board for sale; best offer.
Why do I feel so drawn to these postings? Is it because they resonate like lonesome voices crying out in the night?

Imagine being a UFO buff back in the late 1950s, when postal addresses didn't have zip codes, and the charges for a long distance phone call could break the bank, and the mail might as well be delivered by the Pony Express for as slow as it must have been. Where could you go to connect with kindred spirits? Where would you look? Who would you reach out to? Would you post a notice on the community bulletin board at the local library, or place a want ad in the "Miscellaneous" section of the local newspaper's classified ads? How long would you have to wait for a response? I have to think that your odds of making contact with a fellow UFO buff back then were about as slim as the odds of the Arecibo radio antenna picking up an alien signal from Alpha Centauri. Thank God there was a Ray Palmer around back then to provide a locus for the plaintive mating calls of countless isolated UFO buffs...

Also, I really wonder why Janice K. was in such a hurry to unload her ouija board.

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