High Strangeness: My Favoritest UFO Case

Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Favoritest UFO Case

A few days ago I came across some great news: Calvin Parker, one of the two men who claim to have been abducted by "robotic" beings that took them aboard a UFO and examined them before letting them go, has just published a book about his experience!

Do not ever let anyone who looks like this take you aboard his UFO.
I am psyched because, as the title of this post tells you, this case, the Pascagoula, Mississippi abduction of Parker and his friend Charlie Hickson, is pretty much my favorite UFO case of all time. I was 13 when the abduction made national headlines, and although I had already read a lot of UFO books by that time, the Parker & Hickson abduction was the first UFO case that I was able to experience in real time, as it was being reported in the newspaper and on the nightly news. And, although I didn't know it then, the Pascagoula abduction was an honest-to-God Close Encounter of the Third Kind! AND it was investigated by my UFO Dad, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who declared that Parker and Hickson had had a real experience, even if he couldn't explain what it was. It was the first UFO case that felt authentic to me, and it made a lasting impression.

Although I failed to score interviews with either Parker or Hickson (who passed away just a couple years ago) for my book, I enjoyed the hell out of researching and writing about the case, and those crazy, crab-clawed beings who "floated" Hickson and Parker into their UFO. It felt just as real to me as it had back in 1973.

And now Mr. Parker has gone and written his own book about his experience, and I can't wait to read it! It's been published by Amazon, and you can order it here.

Congratulations, Calvin! I'm glad you're finally telling your story!

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