High Strangeness: The Strange Case of the Left-Handed UFO -- Part II

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Strange Case of the Left-Handed UFO -- Part II

This gets stranger and stranger...
Barney Hill's UFO, drawn under hypnosis.

In a previous post, I examined the odd fact that so much that's been documented about the 1961 Barney & Betty Hill UFO abduction displays a pronounced bias to the left side of both Barney's and Betty's testimony. I listed the many examples from my own research and then from a recent book on the event here.

Since I wrote that, I went through my kindle copy of John G. Fuller's masterwork, "The Interrupted Journey," and, guess what? The phenomenon persists!

Here's a list of some of the left-skewed passages from Fuller's book. This could have been a longer list, but I excluded many quotes that duplicated those mentioned in the last post. Also, obviously, these excerpts are taken out of context, which in some cases can affect their apparent meaning.  I should also point out that I have not counted the number of "left" references and compared that to the number of "right" references. Also, some of the excerpts come from Fuller's text and some come from the transcripts of the Barney's and Betty's hypnotic sessions. Finally, since these excerpts are from a kindle book, I don't see much point in listing the page numbers. With all that in mind, read on:
  • "To the left of the moon, and slightly below it, was a particularly bright star, perhaps a planet."
  • "Then, slowly, a red light came out on the left side of the object..."
  • "A curve to the left in the road now shifted the object to the right of the car..."
  • "Betty would insist I should take a right turn, but I would insist on making a left."
  • "... I become confused, and I realize I want to go straight and not to the left."
  • "I pinch my right arm... it's not my right arm, it's my left arm."
  • "He had a black scarf around his neck, dangling over his left shoulder."
  • "He actually drew a cuiye (sp?) representing the left side of the face, and drew the left eye on it, without any other detail."
  • "And Betty is standing off to the left of the car with the binoculars..."
  • "And I was going around the left side of the base."
  • "And I came to a complete stop, and I reached down on the floor of the car to my left..."
  • "And it moved to my left."
  • "And I got out of the car, and I put my left leg on the ground and two men helped me out."
  • "Only one spoke, the one who was on my left."
  • "There was a light behind my left shoulder. Like a spotlight."
  • "And I could feel them rustling around on the left side of the table I was lying on."
  • "My hair was closely examined, and he removed a few strands and then cut a larger piece on the back left-hand side."
Finally, my favorite "left" reference, from Barney's recollection of the drive that brought the Hills to their rendezvous with fate. I like this quote because it strongly indicates that both Betty and Barney were aware on some level that "turning left" while driving through North Woodstock was somehow not the correct thing to do...
  • "Then I drove down the highway, and I went through North Woodstock and then made a left turn, And Betty was looking at me sort of puzzled. And yet she did not question what I was doing. And I could sense what she was thinking. And I said, 'I know what 'm doing all right. I know we're on the right road.'"
Of course, it wasn't the right road. Not at all.

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