High Strangeness: The UFO Story That Can't Be Killed

Friday, December 29, 2017

The UFO Story That Can't Be Killed

Have you been having fun watching the current UFO news blitz since it was kicked off by the now-famous New York Times article co-written by Leslie Kean? I know I have!

Half the fun for me has come from monitoring the chatter between UFO people, following along with their thoughts on the news and trying to square the flood of information with what they (we) think or thought we knew not just about UFOs but about our government's response to the phenomenon.
One of the two "Nimitz videos"

I'm in the middle of a great correspondence with UFO scholar and blogger at https://ufopast.com/ Professor Greg Eghigian about the UFO story that won't die, and I thought I'd share some of our talk here on High Strangeness.

Greg directed me to a story he just penned for the Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine that you can read here, and he told me that he is, like many of us I think, approaching the news cautiously... In other words, he finds it interesting but he has a lot of questions.

Greg then asked for my take on the story, and here's what I wrote to him:
hi Greg,
I'm having a hard time sorting it all out. On the one hand, I'm happy that UFOs are now headline news in the mainstream media, and that the story does not seem to be dying out. Hell, even Neil deGrasse Tyson is sounding a little on guard and off balance these days. On the other hand, I'm disappointed that most "experts" and commentators have had the classic knee-jerk reaction of going directly to the extraterrestrial alien spacecraft hypothesis to explain what's going on. That's not the only possible explanation, simply the easiest and most acceptable (relatively speaking).
This doesn't really seem to be a case of the Pentagon discovering incontrovertible proof that we are being visited by aliens from other worlds. Rather, it seems more like a somewhat deniable admission that the military has been keeping its eyes open, and has seen some inexplicable things as a result, which is hardly "Disclosure," and hardly shocking. I find the Nimitz videos more confusing than confirming. Why does one pilot say, "There's a whole fleet of them" when only one object is visible? Why does the object shake and wobble in unison with the body of the camera, as if locked to the camera? Why does it never grow closer, or recede?

And the list of people involved is insane.... Robert Bigelow? Tom DeLonge? Harry Reid? Leslie Kean? How do we make sense of that list of players?? I made the point on tv last week that Bigelow had a similar partnership with MUFON around the same time frame as the Pentagon study, and that in his deal with MUFON he would get to keep any artifacts or technologies recovered from their UFO investigations. Did he have the same deal with Reid? (and did he use some of Reid's $22 earmark to pay off MUFON?) Again, this approach to the story presupposes that they're dealing with "nuts-and-bolts" technology, and that the UFOs are manufactured objects. Where's the proof of that?

It also seems to me that the story in its entirety is being very carefully and very professionally managed. I have no idea who might be doing this or why, but my gut tells me that this may the most important aspect of the story, as we know it thus far.

Maybe it's Fox's way of publicizing the upcoming return of The X-Files! Could it all be smoke and mirrors??
 Now, readers, what's your take?
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