High Strangeness: UFO Regression

Friday, September 29, 2017

UFO Regression

Just when I think we're making some progress in this whole UFO thing, something happens to send UFOlogy back to the stone age...

Roswell: There's no there there, folks.
Just this morning I came across a posting on Facebook, in a group called "UFO'Real? A Historical Review." The posting was praising a new book about Roswell called UFO Cover-Up at Roswell, by none other than Donald Schmitt. I groaned inwardly when I saw it. Regular readers of my blog will recall that Mr. Schmitt and I have had our differences:
  • He accused me of being under the control of some mysterious "them" who were dictating the content of my book. 
  • When I tried to interview him for my book, Schmitt claimed that "The last time Allen Hynek and I had dinner, he said, 'Dammit, Don, everything points to nuts and bolts,'" but in my book I quote a 1975 letter to Carl Sagan in which Hynek says, "I do not, and have never, supported the idea that UFOs were nuts-and-bolts hardware from some very distant place."
  • Last year Schmitt challenged me to a "Roswell Debate" that took place at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, and I have heard from attendees that I "killed it."
So, yea, that's a quick look at my history with Don Schmitt. And now he's gone back to that same bone-dry Roswell well for another book. I wish him well with it. I'm not bothered that he's written yet another Roswell book -- it's a free country, and obviously some people love reading the same stories over and over again. It's what the reviewer says at the end of his comments that bugs me:

"UFO Cover-Up at Roswell" is an example of the objective way UFO cases should be examined. Dr. J. Allen Hynek would be proud.
Uh, that's a big "NO." Dr. Hynek would not be proud of another book propagating the saucer crash myth. He would more likely recoil in horror.
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