High Strangeness: UFO Podcast-Palooza-a-Go-Go

Sunday, August 6, 2017

UFO Podcast-Palooza-a-Go-Go

I just want to give a quick word of appreciation for all the UFO podcasters who have welcomed me into their shows in recent weeks to talk about J. Allen Hynek and The Close Encounters Man! The questions have been sharp, the conversations have been fun and thought-provoking, and, hey, I do seem to have both the need and the ability to ramble on endlessly about UFOs--who knew?
Mesmerized by UFOs? Me, too!

HUGE thanks to all the cool guys and gals who have invited me onto their shows in recent weeks, and who haven't cut me off when I've gotten too carried away ;)

The Parabnormal Podcast, with Jeremy Scott

Supernatural Girlz, with Patricia Baker and Patricia "PK" Kirkman

Podcast UFO, with Martin Willis

Exploring the Bizarre, with Timothy Beckley and Tim R. Swartz (appearing with the great Jerome Clark)

Next up, I'll be appearing on Spaced Out Radio with Dave Scott. That'll be 11pm Central on Monday, August 7th, going to 2 am Central Tuesday, August 8th. That's right: three full hours of J. Allen Hynek and UFOS!

Life doesn't get much better than this, my friends.

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