High Strangeness: Little Green Men -- Part II

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Little Green Men -- Part II

Continuing from last time... Lucky Sutton and his friend Billy Ray Taylor had gone outside the Sutton farmhouse and spotted a strange apparition approaching from behind the house...

“Approaching from the fields was a strange glow,” Davis reported. “As it came nearer, they could make out what seemed to be a small ‘man’—though a man not much like any they had ever seen before. He was about three and a half feet tall, with an oversized head that was almost perfectly round, and arms that extended almost to the ground; the huge hands had talons at the end of the fingers. The eyes were much bigger than human eyes, and glowed with a yellowish light; they were directed neither to the front nor to the side, but about midway between. The whole creature was seemingly made of silver metal that gave off an eerie light in the darkness, like the light from the radium dial of a watch.[1]
“The creature’s hands were raised now, ‘as if someone had told him he was about to be robbed.’ He was approaching the house slowly, moving towards the back door.”[2]

If the upraised arms were a gesture of peaceful intent, the meaning was lost on the two men, who raced inside and were greeted by another round of scoffing and laughter. But Lucky and Billy Ray didn’t waste any time trying to convince anyone of what they’d just seen; they took up battle stations.
To the family’s astonishment, Lucky grabbed his shotgun and covered the back door, while Billy Ray took a .22 caliber target pistol and covered the front.

The house was small, only three rooms and a central hallway, with just a handful of narrow windows from which to view the outside world. That might have lent Lucky and Billy Ray some sense of security, but because it was such a hot night, all the windows and doors were open, leaving only flimsy screens to separate the family from what was outside. To make matters worse, there were no locks on the doors.

Despite the urgency of Lucky and Billy Ray arming themselves and guarding the entrances, Miss Glennie made sure the rest of the family carried on with their activities. After all, there were dishes to be washed and the three youngsters needed to be put to bed. “We thought the boys were only kidding, although they were coming into the house and telling about seeing and shooting at the things,” Glennie said.[3]
It may be that the men never spent enough time in the kitchen to remember, but there was a third door to the house, just a few feet from where the women would have been washing the dinner dishes, left completely unguarded. Furthermore, there was a window above the sink, looking out over the back yard and the gully beyond. Alene Sutton may not have been alone in the kitchen, but it was she alone who left the dishes behind, went to the kitchen door, and let her curiosity get the best of her.
A few minutes later Miss Glennie knew something was wrong, when Alene came back in the house “terrified, white, nervously shaking, saying that she had seen one of the little men. She was terribly upset.”[4]

Glennie ordered the lights out and crouched down next to Billy Ray, three feet inside the front door. She asked Billy Ray just what it was that he and Lucky and Alene had seen, and Billy Ray—tired of being scoffed at—told her to wait and see. She did wait, for 20 minutes, before something approached the front door. “Billy Ray and I remained crouching until it came right up to the screen,” Glennie said. “It looked like a five-gallon gasoline can with a head on top and small legs. It was a shimmering bright metal like on my refrigerator.”[5]

Miss Glennie had been squatting far too long; her legs gave way when she tried to retreat from the door and she fell to the floor with a shout. Billy Ray took a shot at the little man, and he swore it did a flip before disappearing from view.

Everyone crowded around to see what had startled Miss Glennie so. A .22 caliber hole in the front door screen was proof that Billy Ray had shot at something, but the creature was nowhere in sight.

“Lucky and Billy Ray waited a few minutes, then went into the living room, where the women were,” Davis reported.[1] Another creature appeared at the side window, and J. C., who was now armed with a shotgun as well, fired at it. “Again they apparently hit it, and again it ‘flipped’ and disappeared.”[2]

Billy Ray had seen it jump when it was hit, and had a thought that the injured creature had leaped onto the roof of the house. When he stepped out onto the porch to get another shot, “a huge hand reached down from the low roof above the door and grabbed him by the hair.”[3]
 Billy Ray froze as the long slender fingers snatched at his hair and then kept reaching, wanting more. Alene, still terrified by what she had seen in the back yard, pushed past the door and grabbed Billy Ray’s arm, pulling him inside. In the next moment Lucky pushed past them both and was out the door with his shotgun. He leaped off the porch and whirled around to see the little creature up on the front overhang. He raised his barrel and shot the creature point blank. Even if Billy Ray’s shot hadn’t slowed the thing down, Lucky’s would do some real damage. But the creature simply rolled off the roof, dropped to the ground and scurried away into the underbrush.
This was just too much. How could all three men have missed?

To Be Continued...

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Bill Pilgrim said...

FYI. Mini review of your book in the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-never-ending-search-for-ufos-and-extraterrestrial-intelligence/2017/08/04/607d35de-75b9-11e7-8f39-eeb7d3a2d304_story.html?utm_term=.4b631776236d

It's more commentary than review. Of course we shouldn't expect anything favorable from a science writer working for one of the MSM papers of record. The Great Taboo is fixed in stone in D.C.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thanks for tipping me off, Bill! I hadn't seen this.

The fact that the writer felt the need to push back on my book is, I think, a good sign.

Bill Pilgrim said...


Breaching the bulwarks...perhaps?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I'd like to think so. This is probably wishful thinking, but upon rereading the WaPo piece, I do believe the writer was perhaps a little more sympathetic than it first appears... Anyway, good thing I quoted James Oberg :) I'll have to send him a thank you note!