High Strangeness: UFO SKEPTIC

Saturday, June 17, 2017


This is big news:

Reporter Alejandro Rojas of UFO website OpenMinds.tv has asked to interview me next week, which I am happy to do...

... except for the fact that he has now labelled me a SKEPTIC on Facebook. I swear to God, if UFO folks couldn't slap stupid labels on people they wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

Yes, it's true! There are some UFO stories that I DO believe, and some that I DON'T believe!
A skeptic? Really? Makes me wonder if he has even read my book. Yes, I don't bow to conventional wisdom in certain instances, like the Dexter-Hillsdale "swamp gas" sightings or the Travis Walton abduction case, but guess what? My treatment of those cases -- and every case in my book -- is founded on what Dr. J. Allen Hynek had to say (or write) about them, often at or soon after the time they occurred.

This is a distinction that I think Mr. Rojas is having trouble with. If I quote skeptical comments made by Dr. Hynek -- or by anyone else for that matter -- he seems to think that makes me a skeptic. That kind of attitude represents exactly what is wrong with "UFOlogy."

Here's what I AM: I am a UFO researcher who uses his critical faculties, and who has working filters. I believe a lot of things, but I don't believe everything. And, guess what? Hynek was the same way.

Oh well. I found out the other day that Rolling Stone is doing a write-up on my book, and their writer will be interviewing me on Monday. I'll be sure to be extra-extra-skepticky in that interview. Also when I talk on Coast to Coast AM tomorrow night at midnight Central time.

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