High Strangeness: The UFO Next Door

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The UFO Next Door

An interesting thing happened the other night. My friend Jxxx, who has had a whole lifetime of UFO experiences, asked me out to dinner to tell me about a book he wants to write, so we went to a local restaurant to talk. His book idea surprised me; I had expected it to be about his UFO encounters--and it was--but he revealed that he is planning to tell a much bigger story about a number of odd and magical things that have occurred in his life. It's a very ambitious, very fun idea, and we had a good talk about how he could tell his story in an engaging way.

You never know what lurks in the woods after dark...
But that's not the part of the evening that I'm talking about. The thing I want to talk about happened about halfway through my conversation with my friend Jxxx. While were talking, another friend, Dxxxxx, who happens to work at the restaurant, kept stopping and listening when he would pass our table.

In time, Dxxxxx decided to join the conversation, and when he finally spoke it was obvious something was up. His face got a little flushed, he seemed agitated, and he said something that he had obviously wanted to say to somebody for a long time but never felt he could: he told us that he and some local friends had had a terrifying UFO experience when they were kids.

"We were camping down at the River Park, which was not as built-up back them. The back part of the park was just woods, and that's where we were camping.

"Me and my friend had to pee, so we got out of the tent to take a leak. As we were standing there, we saw three bright lights in a triangle shape in the sky. They just came down lower and lower to the ground as we watched, and then we just dove back into our tent and into our sleeping bags."

It was obvious that Dxxxxx was pretty worked up about it. I asked him what happened next, and he hesitated for a moment, looked a little bewildered and said, "We fell asleep and in the morning it was gone."

That, to me, is a telling detail. I have heard so many UFO stories where the witness was scared out of his or her wits during the encounter, then immediately fell fast asleep and didn't wake up until morning, that his story didn't surprise me a bit. It makes absolutely no sense that a person would fall fast asleep immediately after having a terrifying experience, and yet witness after witness describes just that. Because of that odd detail, and the obvious agitation Dxxxxx was experiencing while telling his story, I believed him.

One more thing. The house where my wife and I live, our property butts up against that very same park where Dxxxxx had his UFO experience all those years ago. We can't be more that a quarter mile from where he and his friend saw their UFO.

Dxxxxx has promised me that he's going to try to get in touch with that old friend so that I can talk to him. In the meantime, I'm a little more careful about walking in the park after dark these days...


ColoradoRuby said...

My husband and I had an experience where we were woken in the night very bright blue white light streaming in through the windows. It lit the room up brighter than daylight. We lived out in the country and my husband jumped out of bed and ran to the window. We were quite startled and alarmed by this, but we didn't discuss it and immediately fell back to sleep. When we woke up the next morning, we had no recollection of what happened. 3 years later, we just spontaneously remembered this occurrence and discussed it. We could not believe that we had no recollection for 3 years!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Roberta. Did you both remember the occurrence at the same time? Did all the details sync up, or did you and your husband remember it differently?


ColoradoRuby said...

Actually, I remembered it first. I had watched a movie about alien abduction over the weekend, I believe it was called communion? I think watching the movie triggered this memory. Monday morning we were driving to work together and I suddenly remembered what had happened to us that night. I said "whoooaaa" and looked at him like what the heck is going on? I said " Whoooaaa, either I am having some weird false memory, or this actually happened....did we wake up in the middle of the night to a bright, bright, white blue light streaming through our bedroom windows when we lived in the valley?!"
He looked at me very seriously and slowly and with a look of shock, said..."yes, that did happen...." Also he remembered something immediately that I had not known. I had seen him jump out of bed and rush to the window, bu I didn't mention that In my recollection to him. He looked astounded and said "Yes! That really happened! I rushed to the window expecting to hear some sort of huge explosion to follow the bright light, .but there wasn't one!" I asked "did we actually go right back to sleep and get up the next morning and didn't remember anything about it until just now?" He said "yes and I don't know how that is possible, because that was like 3 years ago!" We were quite taken aback and the only explanation we could imagine was some sort of extraterrestrial encounter.