High Strangeness: Money Isn't Everything

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Money Isn't Everything

I've been reading about the interview with hotel entrepreneur, aerospace pioneer and UFO enthusiast Robert Bigelow that was aired on CBS's 60 Minutes the other night, and it's got me thinking.

I love the fact that when the question of the existence of intelligent alien life forms came up in the interview, Bigelow was very straightforward and unapologetic: When reporter Lara Logan asked, "Do you believe in aliens?" Bigelow responded, "I'm absolutely convinced. That's all there is to it."

It should always be this simple. Despite Logan's sometimes clumsy and sarcastic questions about aliens and UFOs, Bigelow's answers were short and unambiguous, giving her very little room to ridicule his beliefs. I appreciated that.

But here's my big takeaway from the interview: Bigelow claims to be worth close to $290 million. If a guy who's richer than God can't get anywhere with his UFO research, what hope do any of us have? Who knows how much of his personal fortune Bigelow pumped into his "National Institute of Discovery Sciences," with nothing to show for his efforts (at least nothing that we know of)?

Part of me suspects that he has failed to learn anything new about UFOs after investing many millions of dollars because he has relied on outmoded research models, and actually purchased UFO case files from amateur UFO research organizations. Why would you rely on sloppy, superficial, unscientific case reports filed by bungling wannabe "investigators" when you have the money to completely transform UFO research single-handedly? I don't get it. If you're not worried about what people think about you, which Bigelow clearly isn't, then what's holding you back?

In the 60 Minutes interview, Bigelow claims that private industry will be the key driver in space exploration, which seems to make a lot of sense. But then wouldn't that same logic apply to UFO research? Bigelow must realize that one of the best ways -- maybe the only way in this day and age -- for UFO research to get anywhere is if guys like him start putting serious money into it, and use the leverage that would give them to transform the way UFO sightings are investigated and reported.
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