High Strangeness: Hasta la vista, MUFON!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hasta la vista, MUFON!

I tried. I really did.

Ever since renewing my status as a MUFON Certified UFO Field Investigator I tried my hardest to get along with my new state director, but in the end I just couldn't do it. So last week I resigned--again.

Things started out weird, when her first official act as my "boss" was to encourage me to buy her friend's book about orbs. I'm not a big orb guy myself, but even if I was, I would have been irked by her insisting over and over again that I buy some book arguing that the Earth is being invaded by malevolent orange alien orbs. So I didn't buy it.

Right away she started to micromanage, telling me how, when and where to investigate my cases, and emailing me on pretty much a daily basis demanding updates, which didn't sit too well with me. Then it got worse. She started telling me what the disposition of my cases should be before I even investigated them. The explanation for each case was always the same: orbs. She always had an iron-clad case for why the explanation could only be orbs.

Along the way there were other odd occurrences that only made me feel more uncomfortable. One day she told all us local investigators about a Close Encounters of the Third Kind case she was investigating. It involved a guy who was being visited by alien greys every night at his vacation cabin. She made it out to be a pretty big deal, and said that there were amazing photos of the aliens that she would share with us in the next few days. A week or so went by and there was no news, and some of the field operatives she had notified started asking her for updates...

That's when I asked her about the photos of the aliens. I got crickets. Still haven't seen them.

Some time after that, she revealed to the group that she has had a lifetime of abduction experiences, and that she had just had one a few days earlier. Her proof? She woke up one night with a gelatinous substance on her nose. And the next morning her hands and robe glowed under a black light bulb.

That's it.

That's MUFON's threshold these days for proving that an alien abduction has occurred.

But that's not even the straw that broke the camel's back with me. What finally pushed me over the edge was discovering that she had been going through my old case files and changing my case dispositions. I talked to a higher-up at MUFON about this and learned that a state director can indeed change other peoples' case reports on a whim, and I didn't like that. See, she wasn't actually re-investigating my cases. She was just going over my case notes and deciding that many of my "insufficient data" cases were wrong, then changing them to "unknown other," aka: orbs.

Among her justifications for changing my case dispositions was this gem: "the orbs are the
most prominent object flying at this time in WI." Well, of course!

But, hey, it's not all bad. She assured me that my ignorance on these matters was not fatal to my career as a field investigator. I just needed more training.

And I needed to buy her friend's book.


Paul Carr said...

You'd always be welcome at API. We don't get as many reports as MUFON, but are working on that.

Saucerspud said...

This makes me so angry. Here you are, someone trying to do your best to be open and most importantly, impartial. MUFON is full of these quacks. In the early 90's I had a co-worker who worked for MUFON in another midwestern state. Same thing, he had to throw in the towel. He actually wanted to actually investigate his cases, use reason and scientific rigor. What some at MUFON want is for each case to be an instant "win" for extraterrestrials...or in your case, orbs. So frustrating. What I enjoy most about your blog is your healthy skepticism. There are definitely odd things in our skies, a real phenomena that deserves serious scientific inquiry. Not a bunch of deluded whack-jobs who treat this phenomena like a religion.

Unknown said...

I thought I had left a comment on this, maybe I did something wrong. Anyways, I'm sorry to hear of your problems with your State Director, I agree with your stance here, and I'm happy to be able to say that I have no such issues, as of yet, with my own State Director, who seems to be happy that I am applying a scientific rigor to my investigations and hasn't pressured me to alter any of my case dispositions so far. Thanks for the insightful post, best of luck!

Anonymous said...

For a non paying position, you sure took enough crap from MUFON before you finally stepped away. Or are you going to crawl back to these people eventually?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thanks for the kind comments, Paul, Eric and Saucerspud.

Anon, I won't be "crawling back" to MUFON. I was hoping to do more work as a MUFON Field Investigator because it's a fascinating, unique and educational experience. My former state directors were generally pretty reasonable to work with, but I just can't work with this new person. I am still a paid-up member of MUFON until next fall, so I'll be reading their newsletter but I won't be doing any investigations for them. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of joining up with a Wisconsin-based investigation group started by some ex-MUFONers.

Unknown said...

Hi Mark, I enjoy your blog very much. Truly insightful and entertaining. :)

I was curious what is the proper procedure for going about finding and joining up with my own state-based investigation group? I live in Arkansas, don't even know what is offered in our state and/or county. Yes, I'm a newbie! Lol

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Hi Ashley, you should check this out: http://ozarkufoconference.com/

Curious Fellow said...

I think you made the right, inevitable decision, Mark.

Given the apparent delusions of uh... gosh I'm drawing a blanc, here, your state director (how do such people get such a position in the first place? Is there no vetting of same?), anyone with an objective and empirical perspective would make the same choice.

Unfortunately, for decades now MUFON has been a secretive, top-down and biased organization with a number of scandals over the past decade alone, and I suspect MUFON will eventually collapse over time because they don't even seem to want grass-roots MUFON member requests for reform and reorganization, so you are better off joining another, smaller and more dedicated group to do serious UFO investigation.

Sad! But, true. ;-(