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Thursday, March 17, 2016

UFO Poetry Slam

I just have to share this. I found this treasure a while back in Dr. J. Allen Hynek's files when I was researching my book about his career. It's a sarcastic poem someone wrote to and about Hynek in the wake of the swamp gas fiasco, and it's kind of a dopey masterpiece.

The poet was a Mr. Sxx Yxxxxxx, and he wrote the poem in anger over Hynek's apparent cover-up of the the Dexter-Hillsdale, Michigan UFO sightings of 1966. He felt, as did many, that Hynek knew for a fact that those Michigan UFOs were real extraterrestrial craft and was explaining them away as swamp gas to please his handlers in the Air Force. The poet's anger is entirely misplaced, in my opinion, which makes the poem even more fun. But you can't blame the guy for coming up with a truly creative way to vent his anger....

"Martian Gas"

In the midst of the twentieth century,
                        when man reached for the stars
And probed the void with telescopes
                        and inter-planet cars
And sought communications
                        with life beyond our own,
We found we still had earth-men
                        who feared the great unknown.

Scientist, astronomer and physicist but fair;
Yet, Air Force Apologist, most ex' trordinaire.
"Deny, debunk, deplore, decry the witness of your eyes.
Saucer-sighters are but fools delighting in their lies."

Mortal man is not prepared
                          for inter-stellar strife.
Leave him to the ignorance
                         of just this earthly life.
Just as priests reserve the faith, 
                         scientists hide the plan;
Martian conquest needs no help
                         from ordinary man.

Poor Sxx. He couldn't have known that Hynek kept a collection of all the sarcastic, satirical poems, cartoons and diatribes directed at him in the wake of the swamp gas case. Far from hurting Hynek's feelings, the attacks helped him keep things in perspective, and he was actually quite proud of them.

A lesson for us all, eh?

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Terry the Censor said...

> We found we still had earth-men/who feared the great unknown.

I have always found this a curious explanation for why people aren't convinced by the UFO evidence we've had so far.

There seem to be UFO buffs who think the evidence is compelling to every single person, therefore, those who aren't persuaded are in some way dishonest (whether outwardly or just to themselves).

But I think we all can accept that the world needs more UFO poetry.