High Strangeness: A New Name for Those Slides

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Name for Those Slides

Thanks for all the comments on my last post about the Roswell debate!

I have to say, while reading over the comments today, I realized that I am sick of the term "the Roswell slides." Why are we still calling them that? The slides in question have no connection whatsoever with Roswell.

It's Reynolds Wrap, folks.
Not only is it wrong to refer to the slides this way, it's offensive to the poor child whose remains are visible in the images.

So, looks like I'm gonna have to do the heavy lifting in UFOland once again and come up with a new name for those pesky little Kodachrome slides.

Try these on for size:
  • The slides from someone's attic
  • The poor pueblo child whose remains were exploited by the Roswell Dream Team slides
  • The slides taken in a museum in Mesa Verde National Park and not in Hangar 18 or Area 51
  • The slides that may have been taken in 1947 but probably weren't
  • The slides found in a box in someone's attic by a housecleaner who let them sit around for 10 years before giving them to her brother who then kept them for a while before giving them to a sports cameraman in Chicago who thought he could make a buck off them so he contacted the Roswell Dream Team
  • The slides that show a placard that wasn't deciphered until someone not trying to make a buck off it deciphered it
  • The slides that sold a million Roswell books
  • The Hey you really fucked up but we still want you to headline our big UFO conference slides
  • The slides taken by Bernard and Hilda Rey, two really interesting people who lived in the 1940s and knew everyone famous and took pictures of them but never took pictures of any aliens
  • The Whatever Happened to Adam Dew slides
  • The Kodachrome: The Movie slides
  • The slides that killed UFOlogy
  • The slides that pulled the plug on UFOlogy's life support
  • The slides that dismembered UFOlogy and buried the parts all over town 
  • The slides that I wish had fallen into my lap!
Wow... so hard to choose!


Terry the Censor said...

> The slides that dismembered UFOlogy and buried the parts all over town

I vote for that one.

Tom said...

The Flipped Wig: Don Schmitt scalps the public again.

Mark UFO'Connell said...