High Strangeness: PICKLES OF THE WRECK

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I got an interesting comment yesterday in response to myrecent post about the “Ramey memo,” and I wanted to thank the anonymous reader who posted this. I am always happy when my blog provokes a heartfelt response, because UFOlogy is only made better by healthy debate and discussion.

So here’s my healthy response to your comments, anonymous:

"I often find you have a pretty superficial knowledge of various UFO-related issues, and an overly dismissive, jokey attitude, Mark."

The “overly dismissive, jokey attitude” is kind of the whole point of my blog, so thank you for noticing. When I started thinking about writing a UFO blog over 4 years ago, I knew that there were already dozens of dreary, deadly-serious UFO bloggers out there, and I didn’t see any point in being another one. Why write a blog if I’m going to sound just like everyone else?

I decided to approach the phenomenon from a different angle: I would treat the subject seriously (because I do take it seriously), but I would reserve the right to be jokey and dismissive of the UFO phenomenon, and of the field of UFOlogy, and even of myself, when it was warranted. Either you get it or you don’t, and you clearly don’t. No big deal to me.

As for my “superficial knowledge of various UFO-related issues,” I have just turned that knowledge into a substantial book deal with a prominent publisher, so maybe it's more substantial than you think.

Then there's this:

"The point of the new scanning and use of more modern deciphering software on these somewhat higher resolution scans of the original negatives is to try and discern more clearly what parts of the Ramey memo might actually say.

"If it can be reasonably confirmed the memo says, in one part "victims of the wreck," and "disc," that would strongly suggest the invalid claims for Mogul flight #4 are thus discredited, the USAF lied in their 1994 and 1997 "case closed" whitewashes, and the term victims suggests there may be more to the case for Roswell than you seem capable of even understanding or accepting."

I think you give yourself away here. You portray the effort to read the Ramey memo as a quest for truth, yet in virtually the same breath you cite “the invalid claims for Mogul flight #4.” If you don’t yet know what the Ramey memo says, on what grounds do you assert that the Mogul claims are “invalid.”

Are you going to make me drag this guy out again? I think you are!
See, anonymous, it’s things like this that trigger my overly dismissive, jokey attitude: you pretend to be an open-minded truth-seeker, but you’ve already ruled the Mogul explanation “invalid,” based on evidence that you’re not even sure exists! Instead of trying to find out what the Ramey memo says, you and your ilk are trying to prove that it says what you want to believe it says. You see “VICTIMS”; I see “PICKLES.” Why wouldn’t I poke fun of that?

As to whether I am capable of understanding or accepting "the Roswell case," I have to ask, "What is there to understand and accept?"  I understand and accept that Jessie Marcel may have genuinely believed that Mac Brazel had recovered debris from a crashed flying saucer, but that's where it ends. What else of any substance have you actually got?

What confuses and bothers you about my blog, I think, is not that I "don't understand" but that I refuse to accept conventional thinking when it is not borne out by the facts and evidence. I'm far less concerned with your use of "modern deciphering software" than I am with the context in which this is playing out... That's what I look at, and what I think you should look at: the CONTEXT. A mere six months after the last Roswell "Smoking Gun" went down in flames, the world is suddenly presented with another potential Roswell "Smoking Gun" by the same people, and you don't detect even the slightest whiff of desperation and cynicism?

Then there’s this:

"Using Rich Reynold's site and related postings for your initial source for info on this controversy simply confirms that, since he despises Randle. You therefore discredit yourself by such ignorance and bias." 

Anonymous, I don’t agree with a lot of what Rich Reynolds says in his blog, but I read it fairly regularly and I respect him because he raises a lot of interesting, difficult questions, because he doesn’t put up with any UFOlogy BS, and because he’s a very entertaining writer. I think we need more of that, not less.

Anyway, please tell me: Who should I be reading?


Anonymous said...

I don't mind some levity concerning ufos. I'm just tired of the whole Roswell subject. I wish everyone would just let matters lie.

Mark UFO'Connell said...


Anonymous said...

I know it is wishful thinking but as long as people such as Schmitt, Friedman and others see a buck to be made we will never hear the end of this subject.

purrlgurrl said...

Until a UFO crashes through my roof, even though I had a UFO sighting, I refuse to take the whole UFO thing seriously, either. That's why I read and enjoy your blog. We simply cannot prove anything to be true beyond a reasonable doubt, so why not just have some fun with it.

Rich Reynolds used to routinely plug Randall's site, and probably still does. In fact, Reynold's forte is PR and he often beats the drum for others in Ufology on his blog (often in a very backhanded way by "attacking" them, leading you to check our firsthand what they said or wrote). Before the May 5 debacle, nobody promoted the Roswell slides harder than Reynolds, even having a Slider as a regular guest blogger. I used to read Reynolds regularly, but stopped when he became a Roswell slides promo machine in the months leading up to their release. I began to wonder if he might have had a piece of the action. I haven't visited his blog since.

As for Roswell, I'm unapologetically standing up to say I, for one, really no longer care what did or didn't happen in 1947. It couldn't be more irrelevant, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I feel like those truly interested in the ufo subject need to be vigilant. There plenty of people who want to fleece you of your money. Worse yet are the 'true believers' who accept anything as the truth.

If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, and rolls in the muck like a pig, it probably is one.

Unknown said...

I want to know what happened at Roswell in 1947, oh yes I do! :) I love reading people's opinions and incite on aliens/ufos. Especially when the person seems very educated on the subject (Mark)!! :) It is quite annoying to hear the slides were fake, I wanted to believe it was true so badly. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get the the truth we're all looking for someday soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Ashley, what leads you to believe that after nearly 70 years having passed, we will finally have the truth about Roswell?

purrlgurrl said...

What if the truth about Roswell is a big let down because it's not what was hoped and wished for, but rather, was nothing more than some classified US military operation yet to be revealed? What if that's all full disclosure finally discloses?

There's a cohort in Ufology (I could name names, but won't) who continue to prey (for purely financial, self-serving reasons) upon the hopes and dreams of those who want to believe in the Roswell fantasy. They'll keep hard selling an illusion as long as people are willing to give them money.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

That's an interesting thought, purrlgurl. Do you think it's possible that someone, somewhere has proof that the Roswell saucer was a Mogul balloon, and they're suppressing it to keep the saucer crash narrative limping along?

Brice said...

Mark, IMHO there are already quite a few things that rule out the Mogul flight#4 explanation regardless of what the Ramey memo reads (if you might be interested to learn more on this particular issue, I'd suggest you read the relative entries on Mogul on Kevin Randle's blog, it has a lot of informations). BTW though I didn't follow up the Roswell slides Issue, I don't think there are all the same people involved as in the Ramey memo deciphering attempt.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this site doesn't end up like Kevin Randle's. All Roswell...all the time. How boring!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I promise that will never happen. It's far more likely that it will become All Hynek, All The Time!

purrlgurrl said...

I think it was Mogul and we were given the facts. But the people who have been using Roswell rejected that as disinformation to keep milking the cash cow. And the true believers will never accept any truth that doesn't include aliens. It's an article of religious faith for them. But, it could well have been some other secret military operation, still classified. Or my alternative theory (no proof whatsoever) that it might possibly have been the crash of a foreign surveillance balloon (most likely Russian), since New Mexico and northern Mexico were filled with Soviet intelligence agents at that time monitoring the Manhattan project and its aftermath. Maybe those symbols weren't alien writing or Japanese wrapping paper, but rather were the Cyrillic alphabet. Remember, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only 23 months in the past at that time, and many historians believe the bombs were used as a warning to the Russians as much, if not more, as a means to end the war with Japan. Anyway, Roswell is a dead end for alien hunters and for Ufology in general. Let's move on to more fertile territory.