High Strangeness: UFO Cause & Effect

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

UFO Cause & Effect

Still trying to catch up on my backlog of MUFON cases to investigate, but it's slow going. Although my life has settled down a lot since the end of the summer, my schedule is still irregular enough that scheduling interviews can be tricky...

The person I'm trying to schedule a talk with this week has an interesting story to tell. In fact, he has two stories to tell, which caused me some confusion at first. Like so many people I've come across reporting to MUFON lately, this witness made two separate reports, very different in character, and so at first I thought I'd be talking to someone who saw some strange lights in the sky with his girlfriend but it turns out I'm going to be talking to someone who has had a lifetime of strange experiences, many of which seem to stretch the definition of a UFO encounter...

Once again, the subject of strange dreams comes up in this witness' story. Like the case I recently wrote about in which the witness remembered childhood dreams of alien abduction and watching swarming tornadoes outside her picture window and feeling that they were looking for her, this new witness remembers dreams throughout his lifetime that have a similarly eerie feel...

His story begins on a chilling note:
As a child I was always very interested in UFOs and aliens. Not unusual; what little boy wasn’t fascinated by them? But – and I don’t know if this was concurrent with my fascination or if there was some abrupt change – I was also terrified by them. I had recurring nightmares about seeing UFOs or begin taken by alien beings. They are among my earliest memories, these dreams, and they so affected me that I began to dread the night.
Whitley Strieber, what have you wrought??
As you can see, the witness can express himself well, and seems very sure of what he is describing... things that impress me but that you don't often come across in a MUFON report. After telling about how his fascination with UFOs and aliens grew throughout his childhood, and how his discovery of Whitley Strieber's "Communion" was such a revelation to him, he describes more of his dreams:
There are three that I remember specifically: 1) Being with my father in his truck driving at night and getting picked up by a UFO, the classic saucer-shape. 2) Standing outside my old house at night, before a large bush that grew near the driveway, and talking to or hearing something in the bushes speaking – something I somehow knew was not human. 3) Being in a large white room with other children and alien beings who were sort of like caretakers. I remember being very frightened of them, though the other kids seemed fine, and of trying to run away by climbing a kind of ropey structure, like you would find on a playground. One of the beings was following me, trying to calm me down, I think. These dreams have always seemed to me to be dreams, yet they’re more vivid than most memories I have from the same age.
Like that last sighting I wrote about, this witness' experience also involved a remote lake cabin. In his report he tells of a night at the family cabin when he snuck out late at night to see if he could summon a UFO just by concentrating... I'll skip the Steven Greer jokes and just say that the next day the witness' Dad was aware that he had snuck out the night before:
He told me that late last night he had been aware of a “presence” in his bedroom, but saw nothing. My sister then told us about a dream she had had that same night: she was in a sort of hospital room with lots of beds, occupied by girls her age, some of whom she said she recognized from school. There were doctors there placing a box-like device over their stomach area to see if they were capable of becoming pregnant. It’s possible they both knew I had gone to look for UFOs the previous night and had conspired to mess with me the next morning; I don’t know. My sister seemed upset, though, and just as frightened as me.
Weird stuff, all right, and it raises all sorts of questions... Like how much the witness' childhood obsession with UFOs and aliens, and his reading of Strieber's book, might have influenced both his dreams and his waking experiences -- and not just his own but those of his Dad and sister as well. What kind of cause & effect is going on here?

Because I was kind of obsessed with UFOs and aliens when I was growing up, I do have a strong sense of shared experience with this witness, so I'm looking forward to interviewing him later this week. Stay tuned...

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