High Strangeness: More UFO Lies and Scandals!

Monday, October 5, 2015

More UFO Lies and Scandals!

Something potentially very, very weird has come up in regards to my research on the J. Allen Hynek biography, and even though I can't at this point go into great detail or name names, I can't not write about it!!

Here goes:

Someone recently contacted me about the book, and offered to share stories and recollections of Dr. Hynek. Naturally, I accepted the offer, and we set up a time to talk. The interview was very enjoyable and informative, and I learned a few interesting things about the good Doctor that I had not heard before.

And then things got weird. This source started telling me a story that involved the personal lives of certain people central to Hynek's life. It was unpleasant stuff, to be sure, and even though the source said it was true, there was no proof offered. Nor was I given the names of anyone still alive who could corroborate the story.

I have done what little I can do to look into the story, and so far I have found nothing that would verify what this source told me. To look any further than I already have could very possibly hurt and offend people for whom I have a great deal of respect, so... I'm just not going to go any further.

Could it be that I'm some sort of "human polygraph"?
So, I am left with this very odd story that magically fell into my lap that cannot be easily verified (but that, in truth, doesn't really have a whole lot of relevance to the story I'm telling in my book). And I have to wonder if someone is trying to set me up. Knowing what I know about some of the characters who live in UFO world, and how threatened some of them seem to be by perceived challeneges to their sacred turf, I don't think it's all that ridiculous to think that somebody might try to feed me false information in the hopes that I'd put it in the book and destroy my own credibility.

Because here's the thing: when this person started to tell me this story I detected a change in the person's voice. I guess this is stuff that a polygraph picks up on... if I had to describe it I would say that the voice started to exhibit elevated stress levels. The pitch rose... the cadence changed... the person's intense discomfort was palpable. As I was listening to the curious changes in the voice on the phone, my first thought was that the person was simply feeling fear and anxiety over sharing such a damaging story that no one else, to the best of my knowledge, has ever made public. That would make anyone feel stressed and unsure.

But later I had another thought: maybe the stress level became so pronounced to me because this person knew the story was pure crap. What if the person desperately needed me to buy the lie and was worried that I would call bullshit on the story? I have to consider the possibility...

Or maybe I'm just paranoid.
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