High Strangeness: Welcome to Restaurant X -- Part II

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome to Restaurant X -- Part II

The story of the disappearing restaurant that I recently recounted here has continued to develop, as the witness has been very agreeable to providing more information in response to questions that have been posed by my readers...

As you may recall, a UFO witness I had interviewed for MUFON told of an experience she shared with a friend some 25 years ago when they ate at a strange restaurant called "Restaurant X" somewhere north-northwest of the Chicago Loop. Then when the witness returned 4 days later, there was no trace of the restaurant. The witness thought that she and her friend may have experienced a "masking memory" to cover up the fact that something very unusual had happened to them they they were not meant to remember.

First things first: a few of you have suggested that the disappearing restaurant was a "Pop-Up" restaurant, one designed to appear randomly and seemingly spontaneously, publicized only in real-time via social media, then vanish as quickly as it appeared... It's an interesting and worthwhile theory, but for a few snags. The incident took place in 1989 or 1990, and I can't find any trace of any pop-up restaurants existing before about 2009. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, or not looking in the right places, but the pop-up theory does not seem to be supported by any historical records.

The witness was also very adamant that the physical properties of the space had changed when she went back a second time, which also argues against the pop-up theory.

The witness has kindly narrowed down what she thinks is the location of the mystery restaurant as being north of Wacker Drive, between LaSalle and State. But she can't be more specific and she can't be certain that she's remembering the location correctly...

She also just wrote me the following:
When I think about my Restaurant X experience, I can't nicely fit it into any of my boxes...which is fine, I'm always up for expanding my experiences.  The odd way the wait staff would appear and disappear from the table; I don't remember ever seeing them walking.  The hostess walked in front of me, but I never saw the other staff walking.  They were hanging out in the darkened bar area when I did look around for them, but I don't remember seeing them walking there either. More standing? Hovering? Dark pants? No legs? The ever lasting bottle of wine (and I didn't even get buzzed...). The fact that NO ONE else came into that restaurant.  It wasn't too early when we got there.  I can't be sure, but I know that we were there for over 2 hours...maybe longer than 3.  Why? How?  I just can't wrap my head around it enough to make me happy with an explanation.  Different dimension?  Don't know much about that. While there were really odd things going on, which my girl friend and I commented on while we were there, it wasn't odd enough at the time for either of us to feel uncomfortable enough to have to leave.
The funny thing is that the more she describes it, the more it sounds like the "Mafia restaurant" story told to me by a friend by way of explaining Restaurant X. My friend told of a time she and some friends went to an Italian restaurant and found they were the only diners in the place, except for a few men in dark suits sitting by themselves in the shadows. The wait staff seemed completely on edge, and hurried them through their meal so they would leave quickly... They found out later that the restaurant was owned by a notorious mob figure.

You want a tip? I'll give you a tip. Do not eat at Restaurant X.
So perhaps Restaurant X is a Mafia restaurant with an unsettling other-worldly edge to it...? Maybe the "MAFIA" is really the "MUFOIA." Something to think about.....
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