High Strangeness: Twenty UFO Questions

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Twenty UFO Questions

I'm really getting the hang of this UFO podcast thing! I've done a few already this year and enjoyed them all, and now I'm getting ready to do another.

On Wednesday, September 9, from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern time, I'll be yakking away on the aptly titled "Podcast UFO" show with Martin Willis, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've listened to a few of Martin's shows and I think he puts on a pretty entertaining couple of hours each week.

What I really like is that Martin has invited me to submit a list of 10 or 20 questions for him to ask during our talk. How cool is that? I get to talk about what I want to talk about, and only what I want to talk about! And if he tries to pull a fast one and ask me some "gotcha" question that's not on my list, I'll just pretend the Skype connection has gone dead.

Needless to say, I've been having fun thinking up questions for Martin to ask me... Here are 10 or 20 samples I've been kicking around:
What do YOU want to learn about UFOs?
  1. Triangles or circles?
  2. If an alien said "Take me to your leader" to you, who would you take it to?
  3. Would you rather be abducted on a lonely road or in your bedroom?
  4. What is there to say about Rendlesham Woods, really?
  5. Can the Drake Equation beat the Fermi Paradox in a fair fight?
  6. Which cable TV UFO show does the best -- or the least worst -- reenactments of UFO cases?
  7. Who would you least want to meet up with in a dark alley in Roswell: a grey, a Reptoid, a mantis or a 'Majic Man'?
  8. Why hasn't 'Disclosure' happened yet?
  9. When will 'Disclosure' happen?
  10. What will happen the day after 'Disclosure'?
  11. What will happen the next day?
  12. When will you be taking over MUFON?
  13. What happened to the rest of Joe Simonton's pancakes?
  14. Should the 'Three strikes, you're out' rule apply to Roswell 'smoking guns'?
  15. Interplanetary or Interdimensional?
  16. Who's been exploited to the most egregious degree: the Atacama Humanoid or the mummified child in the Roswell Slides?
  17. Why are UFOlogists so grumpy and irritable?
  18. What's the worst UFO/alien movie ever made?
  19. Which is your favorite level in Dulce Base?
  20. Should Kenneth Arnold have just kept his lip zipped?
That's just the first 20! I bet I can up with at least 20 more before the 9th. 

How about you? What would YOU want to be asked? What do you want Martin to ask me??

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