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Friday, July 17, 2015

Leave It To a UFO Professional

I just renewed my MUFON membership for another year, but I had to give it a few moments' thought this time around. I was starting to get spoiled over the last few weeks by the quality of cases I was getting, but suddenly that trend has reversed in a most dramatic way...

Some people who file UFO sighting reports on the MUFON website are content to just tell you what they experienced and leave it at that, while others... Well, some people, when you contact them, need to tell you their life stories. In minute detail.

I do not like this. It's my job to investigate the sighting that a person has reported to MUFON, period. Call me callous, or uncommitted to the cause, but I do not enjoy having to spend my time hearing about a person's lifetime of odd experiences which may or may not have anything to do with the reason I'm contacting them. One of the reasons I dislike this so much is that I often feel as though the person is just making shit up, and enjoys wasting my time. Or maybe they're completely sincere,  they've been waiting their whole lives to tell their stories to someone, and I'm the lucky guy. Who can tell?

Before you accuse me of not living up to the standards of scientific investigation, or even to the standards of MUFON, you should walk a mile in my Certified MUFON Field Investigator shoes... Here are a few stellar examples from emails I've received just this past week:
Hi Mark - I'd like to begin talking with you - although I'm on a landline exclusively, and my father, if he was involved at all, has disavowed any knowledge of anything unusual. If he was involved back then, I don't want any harm to come to him - he's still alive and kicking at 94 in his own home - - on the other side of the road of significance I mentioned in my post. These things are not clearly from any verifiable place I can glean - except through the lense of my own mystical experiences throughout my life.  It is a long story which is told in some 40+ journals I've written over the course of my adult life to try to understand myself, my family and my world. I'm still trying to piece the pieces together...
Uh... 40+ journals, and you still don't understand yourself?
Jxxxxxxxxx: where my parents met when my dad was assigned to train people there after signing up in early 1941, I believe in ND. This is where the long-standing-in-history-of-settlement and the Hxxxxxx family involvement in all of this.  We've got a bonafide family history mystery on our hands - Dad put together (with me helping with assembly and typing up) a history of our own little arm of the family out of Norway. A certain men's tailor - Norwegian in extraction, English by name came out of the Bergen area to America via some uncertain route. A couple of years ago (2012), I was helping a disabled friend downstate with a complicated move involving his companion cats. The only place that would take us was a resort in the city where I used to teach. Guess which family was having their annual American reunion with people form Norway there - the weekend before we arrived?  Same family out of Minnesota - we were never informed.  Some of the people I met in one of the many common areas with pianos for the guests to enjoy told me about a relative who performs piano in much the same style down out of Virginia - named Cxxx Hxxxxxxxxx - no idea of whether or not he goes by his birth name or not.
Yeah... Mom and Dad never inform me about the family reunions, either...
Jxxxxxxxxx - birthplace of the sacred white buffalo of the Lakota People - guess which ancester leader/medicine man I helped to create an historical talk about for a group of people in Mxxxxxxxx a few years back (2001-2003)? Great-great grandson of the religious leader - I held the sweetgrass braid he used to bless the people as they tried to talk to the white men coming their way.....I felt something amazing. I swear, I'm not trying to have these experiences - - these things just keep adding up......Sacred White Buffalo Woman Legend.......the music heals the world - - the world already has all the medicine it needs in the form of the music the people finally created to tell their own versions of the story - - I only learned this because of my innate curiousity on the subject, and the curious "coincidental" experiences (if not bizarre) - which match up in the actual factual knowledge of the facts of my life and what I've witnessed and experienced.
To be perfectly honest, no one "tries" to have experiences like that.
Fun fact: 1974 - first year of liberal arts studies at Mxxxxxxxx College - Took a scientifically oriented science fiction writing class - had to do research to reach into our imaginations to construct what the future might look like. Mine was about the stem cell research - not sure it was called this at the time. The original I wrote about the "organ bank" was realized when I saw the article about the ear growing on the mouse's back.......seriously people - - somehow I'm connected in all this and even I didn't put the pieces together - - the coincidence of the number - my attention being drawn to the clock at EXACTLY 5:55. Many, many times throughout my life - recent articles "leaked" my way indicate that this is a signal from spirit or universe or -----that a GREAT CHANGE IS ON THE WAY... I came along so late in the family - I always kept wondering who's related to who and how.  I also have family connections higher up in government, entertainment, news reporters, social justice people of a MAJOR nature... as my intro to my musica goes.....and the list just goes on, and on, and on!  Eventually, to really flush out whether or not I'm of anysignificance or my experiences bear anysignificance on the whole - - who can say?   I left my number I believe in the last message to your group.
 Oh, sorry... we lost your number.
You just can't get rid of this guy...
yes I would love to talk to you about my UFO siting, but I really want to talk to you about the summer of 1980 that was a really strange summer it started out with a ufo siting then a bigfoot encounter then finally I think I may have been abducted as I went to bed and woke up about 3 miles from my house dressed and standing on a rural street talking with a native American that wasn't there!!!! the whole summer was really weird and others were there for two of the incidents!!!! I know im not crazy and im not a liar I would never do that because I believe in this stuff and people who lie about it make it tougher for others telling the truth to be believed!!! but id like to talk with an expert very much!!   
Yeah, that was a weird summer for me, too.

At least this person actually mentioned a UFO. Also, Bigfoot! Also, too, a native American that wasn't there, but was able to talk!! Talk about loading the bases.

I have kept this in long enough and really need to speak with someone professional about it! and I don't mean a doctor I mean a UFO professional! I know this is just me saying I saw something but I would not lie about any of this and I truly believe in UFO's and in what I saw and heard in all the events! 
Okay, now this guy is making some sense! Why go see a doctor when what you really need is a UFO professional?

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