High Strangeness: Can We Get Back to Talking About UFOs Now? -- Part III

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Can We Get Back to Talking About UFOs Now? -- Part III

So, it's back to the September, 1980 Fort McCoy, WI, mass UFO sighting one more time!

I've now had a chance to read the entire sheaf of documents mailed to me by the witness, and there is some fascinating information on those pages...

First the basics: The witness was, at the time of the event, a "buck Sergeant" in Company C, 1st Battalion (Mechanized) 12th Infantry Division Fort Carson, Colorado. "I was the Platoon Detachment/Company NBC NCO (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)," he wrote, adding that he reported directly to the Lieutenant in charge of the Platoon Detachment. A commendation from his CO issued on 12 November, 1980 confirms that he took part in the Cuban Refugee Resettlement Program at Fort McCoy during the period of 27 August 1980 through 4 October 1980, and that he demonstrated "The Warrior Battalion tradition of excellence" in containing "a major disturbance on 7 and 8 September 1980."
Cuban refugees being bussed out of Fort McCoy in 1980

This was dangerous, stressful duty, as the refugees, some of whom were criminals released from Cuban jails, felt that they were being imprisoned. "The fact that my Battalion, all infantry soldiers showed up there one day out of the blue made them riot big time," he wrote. "They lit a couple of the barracks on fire to distract us and lit out across the fences. That first night they tore down most of the fence all the way around the compound!"

The witness and his comrades had to wear riot gear and form a human fence to keep the refugees in. "Each night we would catch about 6 or 8 in my sector trying to escape to the free word," he wrote. "The refugees took their bunks apart and made some long knives 8, 10, 12, 14 inches long and all we had were axe handles... Mostly we just tackled them and disarmed them with minimum force."

The night of the UFO event, he was talking to his Lieutenant as he got ready to slip into his sleeping bag. "The Lieutenant was talking to me about how lucky we were for the good weather," he wrote. This is important: the Lieutenant was right there, talking to the witness, when this happened:

"I could see that this thing in the sky was a giant ship or something distinguished by me and my fellow soldiers as a unidentified flying object. As it moved overhead, it was absolutely silent moving slowly but directly across the sky, parallel to the road. It had a dim bluish light underneath it with other lights dimly showing the inside out appearance with structures like braces on the side and bottom of it. It was almost box shaped or rectangle looking with a slopped (sic) front end and a almost squared off appearance in the rear. As it passed over my position I watched until it completely disappeared...

"After the object went out of sight I looked at the Lieutenant and he looked back at me and his only words were 'Don't say a word.' I looked out to the road where all the other soldiers had gathered. Some were pointing to the sky were the object had just passed by, others were chatting away and a couple soldiers were pointing at their cameras."

The next morning, as I reported yesterday, the witness mentioned the event to the Lieutenant, and asked if they should bring it up with the Colonel when they saw him at breakfast. The Lt. simply replied "You're on your own."

"So I took that to mean that he knew something I didn't," the witness wrote, "or he was afraid of what happened the night before..."

So, purrlgurll, I hope this addresses at least to some degree your concerns that the witness was dreaming and that his commanding officers didn't see anything.

There's also this:

"The whole time I was on detachment at Ft. McCoy no planes, no helicopters, no airships of any kind ever flew overhead, especially at night," the witness wrote. "Besides, the size of the UFO craft was bigger than any known object I've ever seen airborne at that distance!"

Now, as compelling as this is, there is a big question mark in the story, as far as I'm concerned. If the soldiers were all looking up at the thing in the sky, wouldn't the refugees have taken advantage of the distraction, overwhelmed the guards and escaped? Or were they watching it, too...?

The story continues tomorrow....


Tom said...

I find this gentlemen's account to be compelling. And I'm sick & tired of those debunkers with a predetermined mind set screaming about proof in a situation like this. His verbal accounting of the events that night is not about scientific proof. This is about allowing a man to finally and fully tell his story. Can we allow people to speak? Or must we have cases like this devolve into firestorms of insults?

We may never get undisputed proof of this phenomena. Even if we get the old adage of a UFO landing on the White House lawn - debunkers will debunk it. And THAT is a predetermined fact we can all agree on.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Hi Tom, Thanks for understanding that I'm not claiming that this case is "proof" of anything, and that I'm not charging admission for people to read about it. Thanks for also understanding that it is simply a fascinating report filed by a witness who displayed intense emotion when relating his story and who provided a very long list of corroborating witnesses. Finally, thanks for understanding that there is corroborating evidence that the witness was on duty at Fort McCoy at the time he claims the event occurred. I wish other people could understand that.

The reason I've written so much about this report is that the witness' EXPERIENCE of the event is its most prominent and compelling feature -- but of course you understand that too :)