High Strangeness: Can We Get Back to Talking About UFOs Now? -- Part IV

Friday, July 10, 2015

Can We Get Back to Talking About UFOs Now? -- Part IV

If you've been reading along with the first three installments of the Fort McCoy saga here, here and here, then I don't need to recap.

What I want to do here in this final installment is look at the "second stage" of a UFO report. What is the "second stage?" Well, not every UFO report has one, but those that do are awfully interesting. As I've done before, I'm going to get unscientific here and talk about subjective reality, so consider yourself warned...

The first stage of a UFO report is when the witness recounts the facts of the sighting (as he or she understands them): where the event happened, when it happened, what the UFO looked like, how the UFO behaved, how long was it visible, etc., etc. The second stage comes about -- if it comes about at all -- when the witness goes a little deeper and reports on how the event affected him/her mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. This information is virtually valueless to the actual investigation of the event, but, let me tell you, it is fascinating when a witness drops his/her guard and starts to tell you the other half of the story, the one they never thought they'd tell...

As I said, sometimes -- most times -- witnesses never go there. That can be because the factual report is all there is, or it could be because the emotional & psychological aspects are too strange and scary for the witness to deal with them openly. When the witness in the Fort McCoy sighting sent me his old notes on the event, he included several pages of new notes, written after he and I had talked on the phone. Apparently he felt safe enough to share how this event has affected him for the past 35 years, knowing that I wouldn't ridicule him or judge him.

Here are some of his new notes...
"One regret that I have is after the night of the UFO incident, I'm regretting that I didn't get in on the conversations at the mess hall in the days following the incident. I was so busy with my duties and thinking forward with the refugees that I don't think I talked about the incident but a couple times while we were deployed to Fort McCoy."

"When my chain of command more or less let me know that they had heard enough and I should concentrate on the task at hand, that is exactly what I did. By the time I left Ft. McCoy I had all but tryed (sic) to put the UFO incident out of my thoughts for I really wanted to make a career out of the infantry and new (sic) this incident would not be favorable to my present goals."

"Even though I'm still reluctant to say I saw two intity's (sic) or outlines of two figures inside the craft, I struggled with this for years until one day I realized if I seen (sic) the craft and know that I did, I must also realize that I saw it all and I should just come to terms with it. This was the revalation (sic) that gave me the courage to say I'm O.K. with this whole incident and just want to be able to express it without the possibility of some kind of ridicule or disbelief from others. Besides, I just turned 60 yrs old and back when I was 25 yrs old it was a little more difficult for me to understand what I witnessed, and to talk about it with anyone."

"The last thing I wanted to say is I thought at the time of the incident that it was my duty to report anything unuseawal (sic) to my chain of command because of the seriousness of the UFO incident and the refugee resettlement. The next morning after the UFO incident at the mess hall and the following couple of days I remember feeling a bit strange emotionally and for just a few days I had some difficulty trying to concentrate when I wasn't busy with my dutys (sic). It was like when we were not busy with refugee stuff or when we had a moment of free time to address our personal needs or hygiene I found myself slipping back into this strange feeling, but never could really understand what I was feeling."
"I now hope that my coming forward with the report and the possibility of verification from other soldiers that were present that night will help to shed more light on the incident, and the overall phenomenon of undeclared, unenvited (sic), or/and unidentified forean (sic) objects over and around this great country..."

Those are some deep thoughts there... The funny thing is, I have absolutely no doubt that I will be hearing more from this witness.

As for the Lieutenant and the Colonel who made the witness feel like a fool for speaking up, all I can think of is this...

Sergeant Hulka does NOT want to hear about what you THINK you saw last night, soldier!

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