High Strangeness: UFOs and Basketball

Sunday, June 21, 2015

UFOs and Basketball

Remember the original "Dream Team"?

They were the 1992 US Olympic basketball team, and they were called the "Dream Team" because they were the first ever US Olympic basketball team to allow professional NBA players. The team was created to win, and they did. And, because they were so powerful and talented and pre-ordained to win Olympic gold, Sports Illustrated called them the "Dream Team."

The nickname worked, and you know why? Because Sports Illustrated came up with it, not the team itself. If the team had called themselves the "Dream Team" everyone would have hated them and they probably would have gotten bronze, if anything.
You want to know what a "Dream Team" looks like? This is what a "Dream Team" looks like.
Now, I know there are likely other uses of the term "Dream Team" that predate the '92 Olympic basketball team, but you get my point: a group of people can't name themselves a "Dream Team," because if they do they come off looking like a bunch of jackasses. Only someone else can name a team a "Dream Team."

Which brings me to the point of this post...

Since I wrote my letter to the Director of MUFON requesting that Roswell Slides impresario Jaime Maussan be taken off the speakers' roster at the 2015 MUFON Symposium, I have been inundated with letters of thanks and congratulations (which I appreciate a great deal) and invitations to appear on a number of podcasts (which I also appreciate greatly).

So, I've been thinking about what I would say about my letter on a podcast, and what kind of conversations or arguments my statements might start. I decided to do a little research, and I thought the best place to start would be to review the announcement Tom Carey made last November 11th at American University. Carey was part of a panel discussion entitled “UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials," and he used that opportunity to make a VERY BIG announcement that has now come back to bite him and his fellow "Dream Teamers" in the ass in a most spectacular way.

(I am very grateful to Mr. Ben Moss of the Virgina chapter of MUFON, who attended the event, recorded the speeches and posted them at www.mufonva.com To listen, click on the Audio tab then click Play on Tom Carey's recording, or go here.)

In light of claims that are being made now by Carey and his colleagues, it's very interesting to listen to the public statements Mr. Carey was making only 7 short months ago...

Here are the highlights of Carey's comments:
  • He begins his talk by announcing that he has in his possession a "Smoking Gun," but that he won't reveal details until the end of his speech.
  • He spends the next 15-20 minutes talking about the Roswell saucer crash case, and emphasizes that it is the only UFO case that either he or Donald Schmitt have investigated over the last 20-some years.
  • He identifies the "Ramey Memo" as "Smoking Gun #1."
  • He leads off his big announcement by mockingly saying "The Skeptics are always whining about 'Proof.'" 
  • He says he has in his possession "slides of an alien being," aka "Smoking Gun #2."
  • He says that "...it shows an alien that has been at least partially dissected," and that "its innards had been removed."
  • He says that the being in the slides "looks exactly like what I thought the Roswell aliens would look like, based on the information that had been given to me over the last 24 years; exactly what I had expected!"
As you can see, there's no ambiguity there. None. He clearly stated that he had photographic images of an alien being, and then he made a direct connection between the "alien" in the slides and his precious Roswell case.

So, after that, I feel pretty ready to talk about this on any and all podcasts that may come up. There's just one thing: which one of you skeptics has been whining about proof?? Cut it out! You're making us all look bad.

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