High Strangeness: My Talk With MUFON

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Talk With MUFON

Well, I had my talk with Jan Harzan, International Director of MUFON, and it went pretty well.

I hate to disappoint some of you but I did not destroy MUFON. I did not reduce Mr. Harzan to tears. I did not actually take down, dismantle or destroy anything, but it was a productive conversation nonetheless.

We talked for about a half hour, and the entire conversation was polite, respectful and friendly, which is the way it should be. Jan listened to what I had to say about excluding Jaime Maussan from the MUFON 2015 Symposium, and he understood where I was coming from. He explained that he had booked Maussan for the event many months ago, long before the beWitness fiasco came about, and that his main reason for doing so was so that Maussan would present the UFO videos he has collected over the years from UFO witnesses in Mexico. These videos are, apparently, a big draw.

We then talked about what could be done in the future to make sure MUFON is moving the UFO conversation forward, and I made two suggestions for future sessions at the Symposium. The first suggestion comes from the clever mind of Terry the Censor, who suggested here recently that MUFON could put the actual real people investigating UFO cases on stage to talk about their work. And then while they're at it, they could invite some of the UFO witnesses to get on stage to tell their stories as well. Jan seemed receptive to that, and shared that he has been trying to persuade some "experiencers" he knows to come to the Symposium for just that reason. Who knows, maybe in time that sort of real-life presentation could squeeze the Jaime Maussans of the world off the stage completely.

The second suggestion came about from my wife's and my recent experience hearing Don Schmitt's angry "speech" at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference. I came out of that experience feeling that a whole lot of people had just had a whole lot of bad information hurled at them, and with no opposing viewpoints expressed, that was what they would be going home with. "What if," I asked Jan, "you put on a panel discussion or even a debate between Jaime Maussan and someone with the critical thinking skills to forcefully rebut the lies and misinformation surrounding the Roswell Slides fiasco?"
beWitness! Is it just me, or do these guys all look really depressed?

He seemed to really like that idea, and suggested that he might even be able to make that happen at the 2015 Symposium coming up this September in Irvine, CA. The trick, he said, would be finding an open slot in the schedule. Of course the real trick would be to get Maussan, or any of the people who stood on stage at the beWitness event, to willingly participate in a debate with people who knew from day one that the slides were bogus and could clearly explain why... You know, the "skeptics."

I don't see that happening anytime soon, but I could be wrong. These guys do have massive egos, and can be easily manipulated if you appeal to their narcissism.

So, who knows? I might have planted a seed... Just think about how many bums you'd get in seats to watch The Great Roswell Slides Debate!

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