High Strangeness: Eradicating the UFO Pestilence -- Part II

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eradicating the UFO Pestilence -- Part II

Holy Green Fireballs! 

I never expected the kind of response I've gotten to my letter to the MUFON head office asking them to un-invite Jaime Maussan from this September's UFO Symposium, and to banish anyone who stood with him on that stage in Mexico City last month. 

I guess it had never occurred to me that nobody has ever made such a request before. How can that be?? I feel a little like Oliver Twist asking the orphanage Headmaster for "More please?" at lunch time: kind of bewildered that such a simple request would cause such a ruckus...
"Please sir, could you tell Jaime Maussan to stay home?"

Well, I am happy to say that I have an update, or at least a partial one: MUFON Director Jan Harzan  called me today to talk about the issue. We played a little phone tag over the course of the day, but never connected. Alas, I will be traveling tomorrow, so I won't be able to talk with him until next Monday at the earliest. 

I will say that I was pleased with the friendly tone of Jan's voice messages, and I am looking forward to talking to him. However, I don't feel it's right to comment further until we've had a chance to talk. I will post an update right here as soon as there is anything new to report. Meanwhile, thanks for all the support!

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this thought:

The other day an old friend of mine, who knows nothing about the UFO biz, was looking at the MUFON logo and asked, in complete innocence: "How do you pronounce this? 'MUFFIN'?"


Tom said...

Great to see Dr. Kokjohn commenting here. Why the hell don't the Muffin Heads invite him, instead of Jaime & The Sliders, to speak at their events?

If Jaime & The Sliders speak at any future Muffin Conference, they (Muffin) are in fact endorsing the slides, The Sliders & the hoax.

And that would be an unbelievable turn of events. And will effectively bring an end to anyone reporting a sighting to Muffin ever again.

RIP Muffin

Marius Kettmann, Chairman of the DEGUFO said...

From the year 2000 till 2013 I was a member of MUFON-CES, the Central European Section of MUFON, in Germany.

One year we had a meeting in a hotel, we never was before. And on the signs showing the direction of the conference room one could read in big letters: MUFFIN-CES :D

Not sure if they thought some kind of cooking course was in the house.

Thank you Mark for your work! I think there are a big range of researchers worldwide who really feel the same way!

Erickson said...

Our local MUFON group seems to like to hear from people who are in psychic communication with both Bigfoot and Aliens, who are super soldiers in addition to being abductees, or who believe that a man serving a life sentence in California for murder was actually a space captain fighting both Aliens and the New World Order. So Jaime would fit right in. But perhaps that is better kept on a local level. For a group exposing scientific study, it is time to set some limits. The Sliders would be a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Keep pressing forward.

Lance said...

Anxiously awaiting further news.