High Strangeness: UFO Hoaxsters & Charlatans

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UFO Hoaxsters & Charlatans

Here's something to think about. This is what Dr. J. Allen Hynek had to say about UFO hoaxsters and charlatans:

“(T)here are at present a number of commercially inclined individuals, addicted to sensationalism... who presume to speak and write with flamboyant authority and with na├»ve disregard for scientific accuracy.
Listen to this guy. He makes a lot of sense.
“Such people do a great disservice to everyone but themselves. They capitalize on the wishful thinking of large numbers of people who are legitimately interested in the possibility of space travel, and are intrigued with the idea that other civilizations, living on some far off planet, may be paying periodic visits to our own planet, the earth.
“A clever speaker can, by mixing judicious amounts of space travel science fiction with extravagant and ill-reported accounts of strange events, adding a rumor here and a rumor there (perhaps about the little men who are pickled in bottles and kept in a secret vault at Wright Field!) make a thrilling but highly fictional case for flying saucers.
“If... anyone wants to take the fragmentary reports uncritically, and at face value, a mighty fine story can be fabricated. But that’s all it will be, a fine fabrication.”

Hynek wrote this in an October, 1955 column for the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch


Lance said...

UFO research isn't.

I would suggest that, in the future, those trying to actually discover the truth about these kinds of matters seek out those who might challenge the premise rather than only looking for confirmation from other believers.

I also suggest that UFO proponents have temporarily lost the right to call anyone an "expert". They could earn that right back by not choosing their experts from among hardcore UFO believers. For instance, there is MORE than enough evidence that a certain hoary "photographic expert" produces biased and unsupported results. While many just let his pretend scientific pronouncements BREEZE by, he creates a gigantic GULF between the truth and fantasy. He always sees UFO's or Bigfoot or whatever you want him to see. Stop using him as an "expert".

If one is really interested in getting to actual truth, the amount of change necessary amongst UFO enthusiasts cannot be overstated.


Mark UFO'Connell said...

I appreciate the comments, Lance. You make a lot of good points. I will be very interested to see if the folks associated with the slides will even now continue to get a seat at the table as they always have...