High Strangeness: UFO Crash Team

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UFO Crash Team

Since all of UFO world seems to be engaging in wild, unfettered speculation these days, I'm going to engage in a little of my own.

Suppose an alien spacecraft crashed somewhere on earth. Suppose that spacecraft was a "nuts and bolts" construction, i.e., a real physical object.  Once we suppose that, it goes without saying that the beings that built such a craft would be far beyond us in terms of their understanding of science and the cosmos.

With me so far?

If you accept all that, wouldn't it also be reasonable to assume that if that spacecraft crashed somewhere on earth, the aliens would immediately send out a clean-up crew?

That's how I see it. Those things from another world would have their best clean-up crew on the scene so fast it would make a tachyon look like a tortoise. They'd have that crash scene fully CSI'ed and scrubbed clean of every shred of evidence in nanoseconds... if not sooner. They might even manipulate time so that the crash never actually happened!

"Saucer clean-up in Space-Aisle 7! Saucer clean-up in Space Aisle 7!"
As a result, if, let's suppose, a ranch hand came blundering along the crash site the next day, all he would see was, well, whatever a ranch hand normally sees on a ranch... cattle, I guess (non-dismembered).

That's my wild speculation of the day.
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