High Strangeness: My Visit to a Real UFO Landing Site!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Visit to a Real UFO Landing Site!

In my last post I told the story of finding the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" game at an antique store in Chattanooga, TN, while driving back to Wisconsin from Atlanta the other day, but that's only the first part of the story...

A few hours later we were traveling through western Kentucky, and came upon the exit for a town called Hopkinsville. I had noticed it on the drive down but hadn't had the time to stop. But I made a solemn vow that we would pull over on the way home and see what there was to see. My wife Mxxxxx understood.

Hopkinsville, Kentucky, you see, is right up the highway from Kelly, Kentucky, and together they form the site of the "Kelly-Hopkinsville" alien invasion... How could I not stop?

In August, 1955, the Sutton family were enjoying a quiet Sunday night with some friends on their isolated farm off the Old Madisonville Road in Kelly, when a UFO landed in the gully behind the house. Soon after, strange little creatures -- "shiny men" -- started to approach the house, apparently trying to get it... For 4 hours the Suttons fought off the little creatures with rifles and shotguns, but the little things seemed impervious to gunfire... Finally, frightened out of their wits, the family made a run for it, packing into two pickup trucks and racing to the police station in Hopkinsville.

Thanks to the diligent investigative work of two amateur UFOlogists, the incident has been documented in minute, terrifying detail. And thanks to a map drawn by one of those investigators, Isabel Davis, I knew exactly where to go...

Visit www.kellyky.com

Just like in 1955, Kelly barely exists. It consists of a few houses, a church and a sign, in front of which I'm standing. It's a nice sign, but I wondered why it showed an old locomotive instead of one of these more unique symbols:

Skeptics said they were chimps that had escaped from a nearby circus...
Seriously, which would you rather be known for? Anyway, that road you see behind me and the sign is the Old Madisonville Road, and if you follow it a short way to the left (or north), you come across this...

Somewhere back in those woods... two worlds met.

This, I believe, is the entrance to the Sutton farm, or at least this is pretty damn close. It leads east into the woods and into a gully off the Old Madisonville Road, seen here.

It's a very quiet place, and if you listen hard you can almost hear the gunshots of the terrified Sutton clan as they fought off the invaders... I would have walked back to the woods, but I wasn't sure if this was private property, and I didn't want to hear -- or feel -- any modern day gunshots.

Pretty cool moment, though. Honest-to-God UFO landing sites are few and far between, so it's a real kick to actually get to see one, exactly as it was when the UFO landed... The case was never explained by the Air Force's Project Blue Book, because it was never investigated by Blue Book. But Dr. J. Allen Hynek new and trusted the two civilian investigators and felt that something very real had happened to the Suttons that night.

But here's what's really weird about the case: when you read the two reports and the newspaper accounts of the incident you quickly realize that there were in fact Air Force officers as well as non-military government investigators from an unnamed agency swarming all over the Sutton farm after the incident... Here's my final tally, complied for my Hynek bio:

Sunday, August 21, 1955
  • The Hopkinsville New Era reported that four Military Policepersons from Fort Campbell responded to the Hopkinsville Police Department’s APB
  • The Madisonville, Kentucky Messenger reported that “At least a carload of Military Police sped to the scene.”
  • Russell N. Ferguson, Jr., confirmed in a 1996 letter that Military Police from Fort Campbell were among the investigators present at the Sutton farm that night
Monday, August 22, 1955
  • Bud Ledwith was present in the Sutton home when Pfc Gary F. Hodson made a sketch of the little man and spaceship based on Billy Ray Taylor’s description; Ledwith reported that Hodson was there as a private citizen
  • Ledwith offered his own sketches to “an Air Force officer,” who declined – someone besides Hodson, of course, who was not an officer
  • The Evansville, Indiana, Press, reported that Ft. Campbell authorities today sent Major Albert Coren to the scene to investigate”
  • Major John E. Albert reported to 1st Sgt. Charles N. Kirk that he had driven to the Sutton farm and investigated the incident at the suggestion of unnamed personnel at Ft. Douglas
  • Captain Robert J. Hertell reported to 1st Sgt. Kirk that “a couple” officers went to the Sutton farm on their own time
  • Hopkinsville Police Chief Greenwell stated “definitely” that Air Force Intelligence was present at the farm, as were multiple MPs, Pfc. Hodson and two men from an unnamed agency at Standiford Air Field in Lousiville, KY
Date unknown
  • Miss Glennie told amateur UFO investigator Albert Andre that “three investigators” from Fort Campbell visited the farm, got descriptions of the creature from Sutton family members, then returned within a matter of hours with a model of the creature that passed the family’s inspection
A conservative head count arrives at a total of 13 MPs, officers and Intelligence operatives from Fort Campbell descending on the Sutton farm between August 21st and 22nd, as well as two men from an unknown, possibly civilian agency. At what point does unofficial become official? At least one of the officers was at the Sutton farm at the suggestion of his commanding officer. At least one was there at the direct request of his CO, although perhaps not technically under orders. At least one was with Air Force Intelligence.
Can you see why I wanted to see the site of the world's most famous alien invasion? Even today, 60 years later, the incident is still shrouded in mystery... Give me a case like this over Roswell any day.


thekamisama said...

That's actually the adjacent property. It is where they do the yearly Kelly Little Green Men festival every August though!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I know, but the sign says "Kelly" in big letters!