High Strangeness: My Sincere, Overdue Apology

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Sincere, Overdue Apology

Under intense pressure from the so-called Roswell Post-It Research Group (RP-IRG), I find I have no choice but to man up and admit that that the figure visible in the Roswell Post-It is not actually a space alien but is, in fact, a drawing. It's not even an ancient drawing. The truth is I drew it last week with a regular old ink pen on a pad of dayglo orange lined Post-Its purchased at the local office supply store.
The "controversial" Roswell Post-It

How did they suss me out so quickly? Maybe they figured out that Post-Its didn't come with lines until 2011. Or that dayglo orange wasn't introduced into the Post-It color scheme until 2013. It could have been either of those things, but it now appears that some guy in the RP-IRG by the name of "Smart DeBlur" (an obvious alias) figured out a way to sharpen up the placard at the bottom of the drawing...

Busted... or scammed?

Damn you, Smart DeBlur.

So now that the truth is out, I keep hearing all these crazy things, like that this fiasco will destroy UFOlogy, and that I should bow out of serious UFO research forever, and that I should give refunds to all the people who laid out their life savings to get a glimpse of my little beasty.

All I can say is, chill out, people, and stop acting like little children. I'm just a normal person like you, and we all make mistakes. I never, ever endorsed this drawing as being of extraterrestrial origin. Furthermore, I was bedazzled by the amount of scientific analysis that went into determining that the Roswell Post-It was of alien origin, and again, you or anybody would have made the same mistake. Also I was pushed onstage.

Does that mean I'm admitting to making a mistake? Hell no. I still believe that the recently released "reading" of the placard by the so-called "Roswell Post-It Research Group" is still open to debate, seeing as how it was taken from a distorted "screen grab" that all of my closest friends, some of whom are science buffs, deemed unreadable. You want to know who is really in need of some "Smart DeBlurring?" It's the quidnuncs in the RP-IRG.

I will also state unequivocally that, while emotions can cause one to outrun one's headlights and run UFOlogy off the road, one did have one's high-beams on, and so cannot be held responsible. In closing, I have no more interest in this matter and fully believe we can and will move on. There remains much work to do.

Again, at this time I consider the matter concluded and intend on moving forward. With my high-beams on.


Tom said...


Freaking funny as hell!!

"I was pushed onstage" -
- Richard Dolan

Mark UFO'Connell said...

And it's all true! Every word of it.

purrlgurrl said...

All I care about is when I'm gonna' get a freakin' refund. Hmmmmph.

Unknown said...

Love it!
Wish I'd a wrote it!!
Funny as hell!!!
Great job!!!!

Mark UFO'Connell said...


Anonymous said...

Open to debate?

Er? Only by those who are still desperate to scam money off people.

Grab the photo of slideboxmedia's site. Go get a deblur program.

See for yourself.

Oh, and don't forget, even if for some reason you do think there is some debate.

Why does the US keep its aliens in little glass cabinets next to 'heads of gorillas' and other museum curios that you would get in a cheap museum, with silly little placards?

Its like finding a picture of the holy grail next to a George Foreman grill, an old exercise bike and soda stream maker.

Some debate.