High Strangeness: Human or Alien? UFO Denial

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Human or Alien? UFO Denial

I'm just listening to Don Schmitt on "Fade to Black," and he just uttered these words regarding the "Roswell Slides":
"This isn't finished... We don't care what the placard says."

The "deblurred" placard
Wow. Just wow...

You can hear the statements at about 25 minutes in, but you should listen to the rest of the interview, just for the pleasure of hearing the rising panic and desperation in Schmitt's voice...


Jack Brewer said...

I think we all pretty clearly understand what this means for what comes next: Pull that crinkled up Post It out of the trash, smooth it out and let's have another look at 'er! Game back on, baby!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Jack, I have never claimed that it was of alien origin, but I am willing to have the Post-It subjected to a rigorous scientific examination. Why I was not invited to Contact in the Desert or Fade to Black, I will never know, but I smell a cover-up.

Terry the Censor said...

> We don't care what the placard says.

That should be Photoshopped onto the placard.

purrlgurrl said...

I don't mean this to be a personal attack . . . but really, look at the color of his hair and beard and it's apparent he has big issues with accepting reality.

The Devil made me say it.

Terry the Censor said...

PG, I accept your friendly amendment:

Schmitt's hair and beard should be Photoshopped onto the slide figure, and the mummy should have a speech bubble saying, "We don't care what the placard says!"

Paul Kimball said...

How do you know when Don Schmitt is not telling the truth? You can hear his voice.

Anyone - and I mean anyone - who has anything to do with Schmitt et al is as guilty as they are from Herron in.


Anonymous said...

Who is pulling on this guy's chain?

Steve Sawyer said...

"...from Herron in"?

While me am an astute caveman lawyer, me don't understand. Me presume meant "...here on in." 8^}

Part 1 of 2:

Anyway, Mark, your quote of Schmitt, while essentially correct, is a bit more subtle that it appears here. It's a minor, fine point, but here's the actual partial transcript of what Schmitt said in relation to your comment:

"And that's where I'm saying, now, that this isn't finished. That we're relying, we're going to leave this to the scientists, who are still standing their ground, and saying... "we stand by our original analysis, our original reports, we are still saying this is not a human body. We don't care, care what the placard says." And on top of it, additional scientists have now stepped forward, this is not a two year old boy, this placard claims that this is the body of a two year old boy? And it's not. It's three and a half to four feet tall. And in every other condition of the body is inconsistent with a two year old, or even a thirty year old. "

"So, the plan now is that there will be a public science forum at a national university, where these scientists collectively will present their findings. And if anybody is able to come and refute their positions, then so, so be it. Fine. But they will have to demonstrate evidence to the contrary, that the body, where it presently does not have a sternum, it doesn't have a thorax, it doesn't have a collarbone, it doesn't have a pelvis, on and on..."

Indeed. On and on. Keerist... it appears "this isn't over," at least for Schmitt.

But, it's just more well-practiced "bafflegab," and obfuscation intended to both suggest Schmitt is actually attributing the "We don't care what the placard says" comment to "the scientists" and not directly saying he necessarily thinks this himself, per se, or, a weird appeal to authority combined with a subtle denial of responsibility and pointing of the finger away from his own on the record claims before and after the placard was deciphered, which is sort of ridiculous, like where he goes on to say a few minutes later that he never claimed it couldn't be a human body, but... well, you know.

Steve Sawyer said...

Part 2 of 2:

It's transparent. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. The emperor has no clothes, here. Schmitt is just making things worse for himself in the long run, in his current need for vindication and some odd form of reputational redemption. He simply compounds his own obvious errors in judgement and logic.

But, my point is that Schmitt is playing a losing game, singing to the choir on this show, in saying that other "authorities" he relied upon to tell him what the placard said could not do so, and so therefore his own culpability in this sorry affair is somehow mitigated by that, and further that it's "not over" because the final, scientific forensic analysis of the what's shown in the slides has yet to be determined and presented in a proper forum, like a "national university." Which is pretty absurd, given what's preceded any such prospective and rather belated "public science forum."

I doubt that will occur. And, if it does, will there be "scientists" present to "refute" such ongoing claims about the body who are not already on record (both anonymously and publicly) as supporting what are clearly Schmitt's revisionist musings? Also very doubtful.

It's all just more sensationalistic, amateurish fodder to continue to publicly hype the misbegotten version of "the Roswell incident" that Schmitt, et al hope to garner further attention, notoriety, and income from. And, both a sad spectacle and simply dumb.

Schmitt is self-burnt, toxic toast. It is over, for him.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Point taken on the quote, Steve. In my defense, I was working from a screen grab ;)

Steve Sawyer said...

You are forgiven, my son.

Now where's your full-blown mea culpa? Huh?

C'mon! You can always retract it later. 8^}