High Strangeness: UFOs in OZ

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

UFOs in OZ

I want to visit Pendle Hill! After you read this, you'll understand why...

This is installment two of my ongoing correspondence with UFO researcher and writer Jenny Randles. In this segment, Jenny describes the 1977 case that inspired her to coin the term "The OZ Factor," in which a UFO witness is taken from our reality to another reality, then brought back to ours again... 

Two factory workers (Brian Grimshaw and a friend who then asked for anonymity) were on the night shift and had just driven some workmates home as this was a semi rural area - Nelson in Lancashire, near the town of Burnley. The roads were deserted and it was a dark night but suddenly something dropped out of cloud over a hill that broods over this small town.

That hill - Pendle Hill - is as notorious in UK history as Salem, Mass in the US. It was deeply associated with magic and several local women were tried and convicted of murder by witchcraft in 1612 in episodes that split the nation. Even today the 30 mile bus route from Manchester to Burnley passing through this region is marketed as the 'Witch Way' with a livery that features a witch on a broomstick and each double decker being named after one of the convicted women.

Back to the UFO. Brian and his friend gazed as this cigar shaped object came towards their car. Orange light poured out of each end and in the middle of the underside was a mass of multi-coloured glowing lights - red, blue, green merging together and which the men told me resembled the embers of a coal fire against a black backdrop of the UFO shape surrounding it. They emphasised the feeling of energy being emitted.
I don't get it.. Where are the ruby slippers?

As this thing approached them at a height estimated as between 50 and 100 feet their car headlights dimmed, then the engine faltered and stopped. They were stranded beneath this object now seeming to hover directly overhead. Brian (the driver) desperately tried to get it started so they could speed off, but it would not work. His friend was so scared that he jumped out of the car screaming (one reason he requested anonymity).

He stood beneath the UFO and both could hear it making a soft humming sound that seemed to permeate the air. Brian said it faded in and out like waves on the sea shore. His friend stood there transfixed for a couple of minutes and felt a strange sensation. An air pressure was pushing down from above and forcing shoulders towards the ground. There was also a tingling sensation that both men felt and one of them described to me as like the crackle you get from nylon clothing when taking it off. Their hair was also attracted upwards much like in the presence of static electricity.

They described feeling isolated and alone in an eerily quiet surroundings.

The terror stricken passenger shouted to Brian 'Let's get out of here' and scrambled back into the car. Brian still could not get any response from the vehicle. By now the UFO was moving slowly away southward and the physical sensations had lessened. When it was about 300 yards away the car lights came back on and Brian was able to start the engine again. They sped off very fast.

Within hours both men developed severe headaches and Brian's eyes started to water quite badly. The headaches faded within a day but Brian's eye problems did not completely disappear for a couple of weeks - though required no medical attention.
Who wants to ride the "witch bus" to Pendle Hill with me??


Allison Jornlin said...

I'm in!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Yes!! We should charter a special run :)