High Strangeness: UFO on the Button!

Friday, February 13, 2015

UFO on the Button!

My mother-in-law got me this lapel button. She says she found it in an old box of buttons in someone's attic, but I have my doubts...
I've tried for about the last 5 minutes and find I am unable to establish its provenance or its age. Does anyone know of a certified button expert who can take a look at this?

I'm convinced its genuine, and I kind of rock it, if I do say so myself...
Meanwhile, in other news, I got a bizarre email today from a witness in a UFO case I investigated about a year and a half ago. Here's what the witness had to say:
In regards to case #XXXXX, I was able to trace back the date and time information I found out that what I saw was the ISS.

The REALLY strange thing is that a friend was over a few days ago, and while we were both outside around 7:40pm we saw the same type of brite white light moving northward that faded out after about 30 seconds... yet at the time, the ISS was south of Australia.

Do you know if there are any satellites that are in a south to north orbit??? 
When I investigated the case in 2013, it got a very low 3.77 certainty rating on the Ballester-Guasp credibility index thingy, and I ended up classifying it in the catch-all "Insufficient Data" category. I guess it's possible that this guy has a knack for looking up just as satellites are passing overhead, and that I should change the verdict from "Insufficient Data" to "IFO."

But it's odd that he now acts as though the ISS is the only thing in the sky, and that if an object isn't the ISS, it must be... REALLY strange.

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