High Strangeness: UFO Cesspool

Saturday, February 28, 2015

UFO Cesspool

Once again, I am pretty discouraged with the state of UFOlogy. Just when you think the whole sorry mess, with all its feuding and lying and name-calling and narcissism, can't possibly get any worse, it does. And even though the unrelenting unpleasantness of this field of endeavour will someday make fantastic material for a book, it is something to be ashamed of.

I think it's pretty clear to anyone paying attention that this hopeless "Roswell slides" fiasco is now dragging the entire field of UFO research down the drain with it. Need proof? Now we've actually got people calling the police on each other over the slides...

Do you laugh or do you cry?

The film that started it all.
My mind was made up about the slides a few weeks ago, when the Curator of Technology at the Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film said that it is impossible to tell when Kodachrome film was manufactured, exposed or developed. I also happen to have personal connections to the photography expert who has looked at the slides and who appears briefly in the silly "Kodachrome" trailer, and if I ever have occasion to have a conversation with him about what he saw when he looked at the slides, I'll be sure to share it.

Or not, because one blog has recently revealed what he saw, and it wasn't much...

You can bet that this crap will continue to suck all the air out of the room for the next few months, and if history is any guide, even when the whole thing implodes on them on May 5, the promoters of the slides will continue to be given a seat at the table, because... I'm not sure, exactly. Can anyone help me with this?


Paul Kimball said...

Because it's ufology, where guys like Don Schmitt can tell lies that would discredit a researcher in any real academic field forever, but in ufology he gets accepted back into the fold and becomes an even bigger name than before.

Because it's ufology, where when skeptics publish real research, and try to get the entire truth out there so that the public has a full picture, "researchers" respond by threatening you... even though they do the exact same thing when it suits their purposes. http://redstarfilms.blogspot.ca/2015/02/a-reminder-of-anthony-braglias-hypocrisy.html

As my friend Gilles Fernandez says, "that's ufology."

Paul Kimball

Mark OC said...

I appreciate your comments, Paul, and agree wholeheartedly.

I assume you're writing from jail?

Paul Kimball said...

I've been waiting for the gendarmes to arrive, but no sign of them yet. The pizza I ordered arrived, however, so that's the important thing. ;-)

purrlgurrl said...

Money and over-inflated egos are dependent on Roswell, and these lie at the heart of the contentiousness we see in Ufology. Deny credibility to anything Roswell or any sacred tenet of Ufology and you're pissing in somebody's else's soup (one of my late Dad's favorite phrases).

Think about it . . . if the source of the UFO phenomena is finally scientifically proven by verifiable means, what are these self-proclaimed experts (who are all likely dead wrong) going to do for spare change and ego gratification?

It's in their self interest to keep the pot boiling, isn't it?

Mark OC said...

Pissing in someone else's soup!!! That image will haunt me forever.....