High Strangeness: Scientificiness

Friday, February 27, 2015


I got this interesting tweet the other day, sent to my @markoconnell_1 Twitter account:
If you do not live in Mexico you can also join #beWITNESS. Scientific evidence of alien life bewitness.mx
When I saw that Mexico was involved, my first thought was that this tweet had something to do with the big "Roswell Slides" reveal coming  up this May 5th in Mexico City. Then I read the bit about "Scientific evidence of alien life" and I knew I was wrong, because of course the "Roswell Slides" reveal has absolutely nothing to do with "Science" or "evidence" or "alien life." 

Needless to say, this piqued my interest. Could there be another spectacular UFO event coming up in Mexico? That would be pretty wild!

Then I clicked on the link and discovered that this was, in fact, nothing more than a pitch for the "Roswell Slides" reveal. What a disappointment... Still, there I was, at the website, staring at a headline announcing "May 5, The Change of The History," so what could I do put plunge forward and try to understand the true scientificiness of this landmark event? 

I am so glad I did, because I watched the slick video on the website, and here's what I learned:
  • "Confirmation of the existence of beings from other planets" is going to be hard to walk back on May 6th
  • The supposed aliens come from not just one planet, but "planets"
  • The slides will be presented with "holographic technology," just like the scientists use
  • "For me, this is a climax," says undoubtedly poorly-translated promoter Jaime Maussan
  • There will be "10,000 witnesses" on May 5
  • The graphic of the crashed saucer looks suspiciously like the crashed saucer image from the 1963 Twilight Zone episode "Death Ship," which in turn used the C57-D spaceship prop from the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet" -- 'cause it's all about provenance, you know
  • Edgar Mitchell took a wrong turn on his way back from the moon
  • Tickets to the event are available through Ticketmaster
About that last point... I was in so deep already, I didn't see any harm in clicking the Ticketmaster button to see how many greenbacks it would cost me to get a front-row seat at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

A lot. The nosebleed seats are too expensive for me. They're going for a cool $360. The front row seats will set you back a cosmic $1,570. That's a $1,210 premium to sit about 80 feet closer to the scientific evidence.

I ran these numbers past my wife and, after I performed the Heimlich maneuver on her due to the fact that she started choking on her lunch, she said, "No wonder these guys hate it when you make fun of Roswell. It's the goose that laid the golden egg!"
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