High Strangeness: Mama Don't Take My Kodachrome

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mama Don't Take My Kodachrome

This evening I was chatting with the old pal who first persuaded me to start blogging a few years ago, Andy Adams, proprietor of the unbelievably popular photo blog FlakPhoto, and I had a crazy, completely unaccountable thought...

"Andy," I texted, "Do any of your thousands of subscribers know anything about authenticating vintage Kodachrome slide film?" I don't know why I had that thought. Who cares about old slide film in this day and age? Well, for whatever reason, I had the thought and I asked the question. He quickly sent out a tweet to his 41,700 followers with that very question, and within moments the tweet was being retweeted from here to Timbuktu. No positive responses yet, but it's only a matter of time...

Could this be the film that proved we are not alone?
As this was happening, I had another unaccountable thought: a few years back Andy almost took a job at the George Eastman House museum of film and photography. The Eastman House just happens to be in Rochester, New York, where a certain photographic film manufacturer that always sells its film in little yellow boxes is located. So I asked another question:

"Andy," I texted, "Do you still have any contacts at Eastman House? Do you think the preservation experts there would like to take a look at some old Kodachrome slides that are claimed to have been taken in the summer of 1947? Do you think they could validate that claim? And, if the slides turned out to be legit, then wouldn't the people at that film company that's connected with the Eastman House want to know that it was their product that finally proved that we've been visited by creatures from another world?"

Andy agreed that they would probably want to know if their product could lay claim to that historical distinction, so he has reached out to them to see if they feel the way we think they should feel. I think they will. What do you think?

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