High Strangeness: UFOs Over Jamaica

Friday, January 23, 2015

UFOs Over Jamaica

Of course UFOs visit Jamaica.

If you had an anti-gravity craft that could start, stop and change direction instantaneously and zip around at 1,200 mph, wouldn't you bop off to Jamaica every chance you got?
See a UFO? Who cares? It's Jamaica!
I confess I had never thought about this much until I was talking with my Jamaican friend Gxxxxxxx, and he mentioned that Jamaicans see UFOs all the time. Not only are UFOs sighted in Jamaican skies with astonishing frequency, he told me, there is no stigma whatsoever associated with reporting a UFO sighting in Jamaica. Because of this, no one is surprised when they hear a friend or neighbor or family member talk about seeing something strange in the sky. It's just a given that UFOs are real objects, and that anyone who reports seeing one is telling the truth.

Isn't that refreshing?

As comfortable as Jamaicans are with the idea of UFOs, however, they are dubious of alien abduction stories, my friend told me, especially those that originate in the U.S.

"Jamaicans call American UFOs 'gay UFOs,'" He said, laughing.

I didn't get the joke, so he explained: "The UFOs in the U.S. abduct people and put probes up their asses, so we say they're gay UFOs."

I started laughing then, too. Of course, that's not where aliens insert their probes -- at least not all of them -- at least I hope not -- but that's the way Jamaicans see it.

Anyway, that conversation got me thinking once again about how different cultures experience the UFO phenomenon... Last year I learned about how Turkish farmers experience entities that seem to be part UFO-part alien, and now I find that UFOs never abduct Jamaicans and insert probes into their bodily orifices -- "We don't play that way," joked my friend -- but rather save that particular treat for abductees in the U.S. 

Lucky us.
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