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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Phantom Menace

I've been reminiscing lately about a UFO sighting I investigated last year for MUFON. It was a 15 year-old sighting that had only been reported recently, because the witness had been so worried about his credibility and his work as an undercover law enforcement officer at the time it happened...

It was memorable to me for a couple reasons, not the least of which was that it scored close to 15% on the UFO "certainty scale," which is pretty damn high. It also involved a highly credible witness, and the presence of an unmarked military AWACS radar plane flying many, many miles from where it had any business being.

Most memorable of all, however, it also involved what the witness described as an invisible UFO cutting a V-shaped wake through the clouds, which is a very striking image, indeed...

It's a pretty intriguing case, quite inexplicable, and if you're one of those people who can't get enough of my writing you can and should read about it here, and join the debate over what type of AWACS plane it might have been.

The reason I've been thinking about this case the past couple of days is a bit weird, but what isn't here at High Strangeness?

The other day I was watching football on the TV, and at one point an unusual commercial came on. It was unusual because it wasn't trying to sell me anything or change my mind about anything. It was just showing me cool stuff for no apparent reason. First it showed me a flying wing aircraft from the 1950s, then a cool jet fighter, then a stealth bomber, then a -- holy shit, it's an AWACS!
The Grumman Flying Wing, on its very first flight, May 4, 1950. Is it just me, or are those guys standing awfully close?

By this time it's clearly a commercial for a company that builds military aircraft, but to what end? I don't buy military aircraft, nor, I wager, does anyone else who was watching that football game. So why...?

Well, in a few seconds comes the big reveal. It's a message from Northrup Grumman, makers of fine aerial war machines, who apparently just wanted to remind the football-watching American public that they are keeping us safe with their fancy bombers and drones. So, hey, great! "This," intones the commercial voice, "is what we do."

Thank you, Northrup Grumman, I guess! Keep on doing that thing that you do.

Just then, when I think I'm grasping the message behind the imagery, the ominous voice says, "... And who knows what we'll do next?"

And there, on my TV screen, is an invisible fucking aircraft cutting a V-shaped wake through the clouds...
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