High Strangeness: The Most Amazing UFO Sighting EVER

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Most Amazing UFO Sighting EVER

Damn. I was all set to tell you the strange story of my latest UFO field investigation, the one in which a "trained Advanced Expert for the U.S. Government" and his entire family of Ph.D.s saw an object that at first he took to be a reflection of his son's X-Box but in reality had no distinct shape and that did the following over the course of one hour, ten minutes and twenty-two seconds:

When I see this, I do not automatically think "Aha! A UFO!"
  • Changed Direction
  • Turned Abruptly
  • Changed Shape
  • Cast Shadow
  • Cast Light
  • Reflected Light
  • Projected a Beam
  • Caused Injury/Death
  • Hovered
  • Ascended
  • Descended
  • Affected Radio/TV
  • Affected Magnetism
  • Affected Timepiece
  • Affected Animal
  • Affected Human
  • Affected Cell Phone
  • Affected You Physically
  • Fluttered
  • Blinked
  • Pulsated
  • Glowed

Has all the makings of a classic, doesn't it? Either this is the most amazing UFO sighting ever reported or the guy's hand was shaking when he was checking off the boxes in the "Objects or Lights did the following" section.

Either way, I must pass on it for now, because something really important has come up. The second half of the podcast I recorded for "See You on the Other Side" has been posted today. Go listen to it here...

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