High Strangeness: A Break From the Usual UFO Nonsense

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Break From the Usual UFO Nonsense

As tempting as it is to weigh in again on the brouhaha over the "newly released" Project Blue Book files and all the media attention they've received over the past few days, I have more important business to discuss...

Capt. Picard gets a touch of space sickness in my TNG episode "TImescape"
The first half of the interview I did a few nights ago for "See You On The Other Side" -- talking about writing science fiction and investigating UFO sightings -- has been posted, and I want to invite all my readers to drop whatever they are doing and listen to it now. I know that sounded more like an order than an invitation. So be it.

Go. Click on these words. Listen to it. Now.

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