High Strangeness: The UFO That Was an Alien -- Part 2

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The UFO That Was an Alien -- Part 2

I am eternally amazed that the little ditty I wrote last May about the odd incident of the "Esme Alien" in Turkey continues to be my most-read post, now boasting 5,094 views! Why do you love it so much?

Well, I kind of know why: There's never been an alien as cute and cuddly as the Esme alien. It looks like a cross between EVE, the terminator robot from the movie "WALL-E," and a young child's kindergarten art project version of what an alien would look like...

Also, the story of the alien's sighting is also quite charming: the farmers who saw the alien hovering over their fields in broad daylight threw rocks at it, but missed because it rose up in the air just outside the range of their throws.

In the months since I posted that story, I've periodically searched online for other news sources that could provide any more detail or context for this sighting, and I've always come up empty-handed.  Until today...

Today I struck gold at a news site titled "Do You Know Turkey." Strangely, that's not presented as a question, since there's no question mark attached to the title; it's a declarative statement: Do You Know Turkey.

I don't know what to make of that at all, but I do know that this site carries some fascinating Turkish news stories, such as:
  •  Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan Punches a Protester in Soma
  •  Recipe: Turkish Stuffed Green Peppers
  •  Top 10 Crazy Turkish Dancing Performances
That's what's happening in Turkey today, but if you go back to June 12, 2008 you find a curious little news item entitled
"Ufo Sighting: Aliens are back in Eşme/UŞAK after 7 Years"
The story recounts how six residents of Narli village "saw aliens," and that "the object" was 1 meter in radius and "was covered with a shiny plate." One of the witnesses tried to take a picture with his cell phone, but only got a "white, blank image."

Then it gets better. One of the witnesses, a Ferah Tüllü, said "the object was looking like a little bear, which has a red stripe on its chest."

Add a red stripe, and you got yourself an alien.
The object was first sighted 300-400 meters ahead and moved closer to the witnesses. Then it ascended 50 meters and stayed there for about 20 minutes. No word on what happened at the end of the 20 minutes, but the village "Headman" said that "undefined objects have been visiting since 2001, they are illuminated and buzzing."

So, there you go. Seven years after the first appearance of the Esme alien hovering over a farm field, the area was visited by a small flying bear with a red stripe on its chest and covered by a shiny plate.

The story also quoted a very wise Prof. Dr Serdar Evren, the head of Aegean University Observatory, who said that "they may be 'optical illusions' caused by refractions, and it is not scientific to make a decision without any scientific observation or physical contact."

What does it all mean? I don't know. I get used to so many of the UFO reports we get here in the U.S. falling into such a routine pattern that I become intrigued when I hear of something like the Esme alien and its more modern counterpart. I suspect there may be strong yet undetected cultural biases here, because I'll tell you right now that if either of these alien/UFO things were reported to MUFON here in the U.S., you can bet that they would be described as glowing, brightly lit, and moving very fast at a high elevation. And nobody would be throwing rocks at them...

Anyway, now you know Turkey.


Genteel Gentleman said...

You ever think, I dunno, well... that, just maybe, gosh, how can I say or put it most gently -- that perhaps some of these kinds of reports could possibly be either, oh, made up, or kinda just... crap?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I disagree. I totally believe that the prime minister punched a guy.