High Strangeness: Klaatu Barada What?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Klaatu Barada What?

Of all the gems of fun/crazy/silly UFO lore that come up over and over again in this business, my favorite -- hands down -- is the story of how the classic 1951 Hollywood science-fiction film "The Day The Earth Stood Still" was made under the direction of the CIA as an "acclimation" project.

It seems that some of the key people involved in the making of "TDTESS" -- the producer, the director, the screenwriter, the best boy, the grip and the gaffer -- had CIA connections or worked in the Army Signal Corps during WWII producing propaganda films. Somehow or another, UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe got wind of this bombshell and the next thing you know "The Day The Earth Stood Still" was being outed as a black ops mindfuck... And now, as with so many fun/crazy/silly UFO narratives, the story just won't die.

So, what is the story, exactly?

Apparently the CIA needed to know how the American public would react if a flying saucer landed in Washington, D.C. in broad daylight and a humanoid alien emerged and said he had come in peace and no I'm not talking about the lame-ass remake with Keanu Reeves and then a trigger-happy Army private shot the spaceman and then a terrifying eight-foot silent robot emerged from the ship and started to disintegrate Army tanks and rifles and howitzers with a laser beam he shot from his eyes until the wounded spaceman said something funny like, "Gort: declato prosco" and then the robot stopped and the Army encased him in a block of lucite only the robot melted itself out of the lucite and disintegrated a couple soldiers before rescuing the spaceman from prison where he was taken after being fatally shot by more Army guys after he made every moving thing on Earth "stand still" for 30 minutes not a full day like the title suggests to demonstrate his fearsome power after the brave earthwoman said "Gort: Klaatu barada nikto" to the robot just before it was about to disintegrate her and then the robot brought the spaceman back to life in time to warn the earth's most brilliant scientists who just happened to be in town that week for a brilliant scientist convention that if we don't stop messing about with nuclear weapons the robot Gort who is really part of an all-powerful interstellar robot police force would reduce earth our planet to, and I quote, "a burned-out cinder" before they went back inside the flying saucer and flew off into space leaving the scientists and the brave earthwoman to reflect on their place in the universe.

 Okay, I can see that. But what would the CIA do with that information?

And what about Ringo Starr's "The Day The Earth Stood Still" album cover? What about that??

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