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Thursday, October 16, 2014

UFO Erotica

Facebook... You can't live with it, you can't kill it.

So, what do you do? I just got a very weird email today telling me that someone had added me to his new Facebook group, and I was taken aback by this. I was taken aback because no one asked me if I wanted to join the group, and because the group in question is called... get this:

"Bigfoot Contact Movement"

The group is described thusly:  
"Do we really have to kill a Bigfoot for proof of life? This group will be dedicated to stop the savage ways of thought when dealing with these beings and trying to establish contact in a non-threatening manner. Everybody is welcome to share there Opinions and Research and spread the message and contribute."
Okay, I'll admit that despite my taken-abackness, I think this is great. Really. It's time to stop the violence and bloodshed where Bigfoot hunting is concerned, and get back to a more humane, non-threatening approach of making contact with this hairy biped creature.
Does this creature look violent? Why take chances? I say kill it now.

Now, having said that, before I can really commit I need to know where Bigfoot stands on this. Is the 'Squatch willing to make peaceful contact as well? Is he willing to sign his 'X' to a formal non-aggression pact? Frankly, I think he's a bigger threat to us than we are to him.

I also need to know what's behind this "movement," if a Facebook group with 38 members, at least one of whom is not exactly willing, can be called a "movement." Has there been a history of "savage ways of thought" when dealing with Bigfoot? Are there Bigfoot hunters out there who are really trying to kill the big guy? I haven't been aware of anything. I know the Hendersons were always pretty decent to Harry, even when his hijinx turned their household on its head; that's really all I have to go by...

Anyway, now I'm faced with a interesting decision: do I remain a member of a very silly group that has forcibly shanghaied me as a member? Staying in the group promises all kinds of cheap entertainment, and it's not like I care what people think about my Facebook profile, littered as it's been these past three years with endless, untold UFO geekery. But it's also a matter of principle. I don't like that someone made me join his group without asking me, and furthermore, I don't like anyone thinking that just because I'm in all sorts of weird UFO groups that means I want to be in every weird group Facebook has to offer. I mean, just because someone in one of my UFO Facebook groups posted an article today entitled "The Erotic Art of a Painter Who Claims an Alien Took His Virginity" that doesn't mean I'm ok with people associating me with Bigfoot. I do have my standards.

On the other hand, if I leave the group and someone kills Bigfoot tomorrow, will it be my fault?

Who could live with that on their conscience?

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