High Strangeness: Son of Hypno-UFO

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Son of Hypno-UFO

A while back I wrote about the cassette tape I recently digitized entitled "Charlie Hickson Hypnosis Session, Sprinkle & Harder." In the post, I inserted a transcription of a hypnosis session conducted by Dr. James Harder and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, in which they asked UFO abductee Charles Hickson to relive his experience in Mississippi shipyard in October, 1973, when he and his buddy Calvin Parker were floated aboard a strange glowing craft and inspected.

In the first installment, Dr. Sprinkle had Charlie talk abut his experience inside the craft, and now today I'm posting the exchange between Harder and Hickson in which Charlie described the strange robot-like beings that floated him and Calvin aboard the craft...

And for all you Harder haters out there, I admit he does have an odd, tedious approach, and seems at time to be methodically digging for something rather than letting Hickson just tell his story... But I don't know much about hypnosis, so I don't know whether that's an acceptable approach or a no-no. Remember, this interview took place just minutes after Charlie was in complete terror recounting his examination, so it's possible that he was naturally reticent to go back there and that Harder had to work a little, er... harder, to get Charlie to go back one more time...

Harder: ...Can you stand back and kind of just look at the scene? It's not necessary for you to be frightened. Nothing really happened to you physically. You got out of it okay; you're really all right. But I want you to take a very close look at the robot, or whatever it was. Take a very concentrated look, and see if you can tell us what you see around the head area. As you see it, can you tell us what the head looks like? Can you see anything that is sticking out anyplace, in front? Without regard to what you might have remembered before; without regard to any of the pictures you drew. You're in a better position now than you've ever been to really look at what you saw. Now, what you see now, is going to be what was really there. Now is your chance to really be sure to tell us what you saw.

Hickson: I can't see it on-- I can't see nothing. Looks like their arms.

Harder: Uh huh. How long did the arms seem to be relative to the body as compared to a human's? Were they longer or shorter?

Hickson: They're much, much shorter.

Harder: Shorter. And if you see something where you think the joint might be, where is that relative to where a human's joint might be?

Hickson: I can't see it. It's not...


Harder: I see what you mean. Now let's go back to the time when you most clearly saw the head area. At that point, give me the experience when you saw it most clearly. See if you can describe what was going on, what you saw. Can you see something? Can you notice anything that might remind you of  any features? Now remember that you're looking at it very carefully, right now, without regard to anything you might have noticed before. Just remembering it right now, just as you see it, and you'll be able to get the feeling, get the impression of being there from some distance where it's perfectly safe. And you feel very comfortable about it. Take a very calm, collected look at what you can see there and tell us about it.

(long pause)

Hickson: Mmm-- Sss-- See. I cain't; I cain't see it good. (pause) It's... It's...

Harder: Does the head area look smooth? Or wrinkled? Or rough? Or any of those things?

Hickson: Wrinkled. Wrinkled. It's wrinkled. 

Harder: Does it look as if there is something very; is there something that's a lump, or something that sticks out, or anything that looks like it would interrupt the surface of something that was smooth? Are there any lumps or anything like that that you can see?

Hickson: There's somethin'. It's some... Somethin'... There's somethin' sticking out of the face.

Harder: Could you say about how far it sticks out; is it as long as a person's....? It is a half inch or inch, or more than that?

Hickson: It's about an inch.

Harder: How wide is it? Is it more of a...? How wide is it? It it a half an inch?

Hickson: It's -- it's funny looking.

Harder: It does. Could you tell us a little more? Does it look pushed in, or does it look pointed, or anything like that?

Hickson: It's not smushed in, it's, uh... it looks like (unintelligible; sounds like "Horey Jornes'") face, it's so wider (unintelligible), it's bigger there, it comes out kind of to a point.

Harder: Get a very good picture of it and see if you can say how many half-inches is it. It it one half-inch or is it two half-inches, or is it more than that.

Hickson: I'd say it's an inch long.

Harder: Maybe that much. Now let's look around the side, is there something that you see anywhere that sticks out anywhere else? Are there any lumps, or spots where there's a protuberance of any sort? 

Hickson: It seems like it's... I can't see it good from the side, now.

Harder: Just relax and remember what you're seeing right now.

Hickson: It, uh, I see somethin' stickin' out there.

Harder: Does it look like it's sticking out a half an inch, or an inch, or more than that?

Hickson: It's a little bit longer. It's a little bit longer.

Harder: Longer than what? Longer than an inch?

Hickson: Longer than that thing in front.

Harder: A little longer than that thing in front. Is it wide, or (unintelligible)?

Hickson: Can't tell how wide.

Harder: How wide does it appear, from where you now look at it?

Hickson: It's not very wide.

Harder: Is there anything that you see in the area of the middle, were you might; where a normal eye might be, is there anything like an eye? Is there anything that you could describe to us?

Hickson: It's not close enough to (unintelligible).

Harder: Oh. Can you see what the color of whatever these things are that stick out? Are they the same color as the rest of the object? Is there any change in color anywhere?

Hickson: It's solid. About the same color.

Harder: What color is that?

Hickson: It's a (unintelligible), it's kind of a (unintelligible). It's grey.

Harder: You're feeling much more calm now... That's good, because you needn't be afraid, because it's going to be all right. You'll feel very calm and collected, You'll feel that you're going to be okay. You'll be able to relax and really take this in your stride. You should be very proud of yourself that you can be so brave in the midst of all these things, but you can remain this calm and collected; it's very much to your credit.
See what I mean about Harder? A bit tedious, a bit ponderous, a bit preoccupied with protuberances that are a half-inch long, and, although you can't tell from reading this, he sounds exactly like HAL the computer from "2001"... Creepy. But I bet he was popular at parties: "Hey, Harder: Say 'I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.'"
HAL 9000, voiced by Dr. James Harder?

My favorite part of this excerpt is when Charlie apparently compares the alien robot's face to the face of someone he knows. On earth. Horey Jornes? "It's not smushed in, it's, uh... it looks like Horey Jornes' face... I wonder if Horey of the not-smushed-in face ever found out that he was used as a model of comparison for the wrinkled, protuberance-ridden face of an alien robot? Would he be proud, or ashamed? Was anything on Horey's face or head a half-inch long? I wonder...

There's more to the session, but that will wait for a future post. In the next installment, Charlie Hickson will try to explain what it felt like to be floated aboard a UFO..... That's going to be cool.

Stay tuned!


Curt Collins said...

Did this Dr. Harder fellow ever get around to asking them any questions about fishing? That's why they were supposed to be out there in the first place.

They should have been questioned about their tackle and bait, evidence that could be verified. What did they catch, and what happened to the fish?

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Now that is an interesting comment... I've researched this case pretty thoroughly for my Hynek book, and Charlie does talk about the details of the fishing in other interviews and interrogations. There's more material on this tape that I will blog about eventually, so we'll see what comes up!