High Strangeness: Son of Hypno-UFO -- Part II

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Son of Hypno-UFO -- Part II

Here is is at last, more of the Charles Hickson hypnotism session! The first two segments are here and here. (Be sure to read the comments; people were scolding me over posting this!)

As I promised last time, this new segment includes Charlie telling Dr. James Harder about what it felt like to be floated aboard a UFO and into an examination room...

Harder:  I would like to see you now see if you can tell us about the sensation of floating, you said before. Now do you feel that you're floating, or do you feel that you're sitting or standing on something? 

Hickson: I-- I just ain't got no feelings.

Harder: You don't have any feelings. But that does -- does that mean that you could be sitting on something or lying on something without being able to feel it? Is that a possibility, or do you think that you're -- do you have -- tell me about the feeling that you have. (pause) You say you have no feelings, but do you feel -- do you feel any of your internal organs, do you feel your stomach being fluttery or anything of that sort? How does your stomach feel?
Charlie Hickson and his UFO

Hickson: I can't -- I-I can't feel nothing.

Harder: Do you feel yourself touching anything?

Hickson: No... I'm trying to move my toes. (pause) I can't do it!

Harder: Well that's all right, that'll be okay. Your feeling will come back. (pause) Can you tell us what happens next, after this? Is there something that happened to you, something that you heard, that you're able to feel or hear, or observe right now that you have not seen before? Is there something that's new that you're remembering? You can concentrate on that, and see if there's anything new that you can tell us that's happening to you.

(long pause)

Hickson: It's real bright in here.

Harder: Very bright... How does it remind you? Does it remind you of something that you've seen? Is there anything that's bright that you've seen before that you can compare it to?

(long pause)

Hickson: I don't think so.

Harder: You've been around arc welding on ships. How would you compare it with that?

Hickson: It's not a... It's not a light like that. 

Harder: Uh-huh. In what way isn't it like that? Is it not...

Hickson: It -- It's just glowing. Glowing.

Harder: Just glowing.


Hickson: There's something... in front of me.

Harder: Can you describe it? Does it seem to have  anything that looks like glass or is shiny or reflective? Or is it just dull-colored or gray-colored?

Hickson: There's something.... The light's bright. I can't see through.

And it pretty much peters out right there... Is there a law of diminishing returns where hypnotism is concerned? Because by this time in the session, Hickson is really running out of things to say. And Harder seems to think that if he just wears Hickson down enough, the guy will finally come up with something.

It's almost comical; you just get the feeling that poor Charlie Hickson has no idea what Harder is trying to get at, and he's just not able to give Harder any kind of satisfactory response... and in the end, we really don't learn anything at all about what it felt like to be floated aboard the UFO. Which sucks, because I really wanted to know!!

Damn you, Harder! Why can't you just get to the point??

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