High Strangeness: Coffee and UFOs

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coffee and UFOs

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning while the house is still quiet is to settle in with a cup of coffee and catch up on UFO news.

That means looking in on some of my favorite UFO blogs to see what my colleagues are writing about, which is always worthwhile. There are a lot of interesting, intelligent, entertaining people in the wide, wide world of UFOlogy, and one of the biggest reasons I appreciate their work so much is that they tackle subjects that I don't want to (or simply can't because I don't know nearly as much as they do).

Today we have quite a smorgasbord...

In The Big Study, Professor Michael Swords offers up a little-known "coincidence" involving the famous 1977 "WOW signal," received by the "Big Ear" radio telescope at Ohio State University. Is it possible that an amateur electronics whiz in Indiana picked up the same signal the same night? It's a tantalizing story, and the Professor leaves us wanting to know more...

What's the most spectacular train wreck in UFOlogy? So many choices...
In The Other Side of Truth, Paul Kimball reports on the recent Canadian UFO Survey, which documents 25 years of UFO sightings north of the border. I have only taken a brief look so far this morning, but it looks as though the work done by Chris Rutkowski and UFOlogy Research of Manitoba is a model for UFO researchers everywhere. Kinda cool that their methodology is based on Allen Hendry's awesome 1979 guide, "The UFO Handbook" (also kinda cool, in a completely irrelevant way: One of Dr. J. Allen Hynek's personal UFO sightings took place at his family's cabin in Canada).

Over at Jack Brewer's The UFO Trail, meanwhile, Jack weighs in on the "Carpenter Affair," in which a hypnotist allegedly engages in some seriously sketchy behavior and still gets invited to speak at MUFON meetings (Hate to say it, but we all know this kind of thing happens all the time; seems there's always a place at the head table for even the most ethically compromised "UFOlogists"). UPDATE: Jack just tweeted me to say this is not "alleged" but "confirmed" here: http://ufotrail.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-carpenter-affair-for-record.html )

For sheer volume, it's hard to beat The UFO Iconoclast(s), which has been serving up a succession of meaty posts over the past few days. First, the always interesting RRRGroup watches bad UFO TV so we don't have to: ancient astronaut guy Giorgio Tsoukalos hosted a show on cable TV last night about "The Roswell Rock," and RRRGroup wasted not a moment in skewering this silly "find." I have joked before about how, in the course of things, the world will undoubtedly be presented with the Roswell 8-Track Tape, the Roswell Post-It Notes, and the Roswell Dry-Erase Board, each of which will prove that a UFO crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947... before being thoroughly debunked. "The Roswell Rock" shows that there may be more truth to my joke than I suspected.

As if to emphasize the point, just a day earlier RRRGroup tore into the "Roswell Slides" drama and found it to be "Sidetracked or Derailed." According to the post, the owner of the slides in question has spurned the "Roswell Dream Team," and is apparently in talks with cable TV producers to present the blockbuster slides in a blockbuster TV special. You can't blame the guy for wanting to cash in, I suppose, and you really can't blame him for not wanting to share the spoils with the RDT. It's a good read, and you have to love a writer who can use "in toto" and "summum bonum" in the same sentence.

So that's my Saturday morning. Now... off to the beach!

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