High Strangeness: UFO Irony

Thursday, July 17, 2014

UFO Irony

You know what's really ironic? It's when you blog about serious unethical behavior by UFO people and then one of those UFO people who takes issue with your post responds by stalking you.

Hey, "Anonymous" in Sacramento, CA, I'm talking to you...

I can't believe I actually have to tell you this, but do not call me on the phone. Ever.

I don't know how the hell you got my cell and land line numbers, but calling me last night was completely out of bounds, and bordering on seriously creepy. Even one call would have been alarming; three in a row was beyond the pale. Do not do it again.

Oh, and when I asked you how the hell you got my numbers and you replied, "There's a lot of interesting information on the internet," you pretty much branded yourself as an official scary person. If you were trying to make my daughter feel anxious and afraid, congratulations: you succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. Aren't you proud?

There's a comments section here on the blog, and I encourage you to use it to your heart's content. Because calling me at home is not going to happen; it's just really disturbed behavior.

By the way, I deleted your 4-minute voice mail message without listening to it.
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