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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Watch the Skies!

I had a wonderful two-hour visit the other day with famed UFO abduction researcher Dr. David M. Jacobs, and, as so often happens after these interviews, I feel like the most fortunate person in the world with the best job in the world. Funny thing is, I got the feeling Dr. Jacobs feels the same way about himself, and I would not begrudge him that one iota.

My first question to Dr. Jacobs was this: "You published your doctoral dissertation in 1975 as the book 'The UFO Controversy in America,' and somehow or another you, a mere graduate student, managed to get the biggest superstar in the UFO field, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, to write the introduction to your book. How on earth did you pull that off?" Because, in truth, I find that an amazing accomplishment... Dr. Jacobs gave me a big smile and a hearty laugh and started to tell me the story. And the stories just kept coming... The interview started on a high note and ended on an even higher one, and, I have to say, it may have given me the last line of the book. That's pretty cool.

Here's something else cool, at least to me. When I did my guest gig a few weeks back on PANG Radio, one of the listeners asked if I thought us humans are being conditioned to accept the reality of
UFOs and alien civilizations. My mind immediately flashed back to the previous night, when my family went to see "X-Men: Days of Future Past," and we had seen a whole bunch of trailers for upcoming science fiction movies. Sitting in the theater watching trailer after trailer, it struck me how many science fiction films deal with an alien invasion of earth, and how much of the imagery in those alien invasion films looks awfully familiar...

Take, for example, the now-familiar image of the ridiculously, impossibly, stupefyingly HUGE spaceship hovering menacingly over a familiar earth landscape, most often a huge earth city. See if you can identify the movies (or TV shows) in which the following ridiculously, impossibly, stupefyingly HUGE -- and pretty much interchangeable -- spaceships appeared:

So my response to the listener's question was that these images, and others like them, have become cultural signifiers, and may in fact be conditioning us for a possible future event... These images have been appearing for decades and by now they are, I imagine, deeply rooted in our collective subconscious.

But what are they preparing us for? Sure, the answer seems obvious, but I doubt it's that simple. And whatever event these images are preparing us for, when will it happen?

Of course, there is another possible explanation for why all these alien invasion images are so similar and so familiar. Nobody in Hollywood has any original ideas...?

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Unknown said...

Mark, I think we may be being prepared for something big soon. Maybe "disclosure" is closer than we think.

Great Post!