High Strangeness: The Alien Abduction Kid

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Alien Abduction Kid

Crazy week... Right in the midst of getting my thoughts together for my short presentation on Dr. J. Allen Hynek at this weekend's "Evidence in the Skies" UFO Symposium, I've been asked to do an interview for a segment of Travel Channel's "Monumental Mysteries" dealing with the 1966 Michigan "swamp gas" case, and then on top of that I've had a few new tantalizing UFO cases drop in my lap...

Am I complaining? Not at all. This is great! This is what I signed on for!

Hot on the heels of last week's interesting "Possible abduction... or something," I suddenly have another possible abduction on my hands. Which is kind of amazing... Just like my streak of Close Encounters last year led to my being dubbed by me as "The Close Encounter Kid," I now feel it necessary, and appropriate, to dub myself "The Alien Abduction Kid." Who better to investigate an alien abduction than the only Certified UFO Field Investigator whose nickname includes the words "alien abduction?"

Unfortunately, the incident took place 16 years ago, so investigating it will be problematic, if not impossible... On the other hand, the events took place very close to where I live, along a road that I travel every week, so I know the exact spots the witness is describing...

Here's the witness' edited account:

In roughly the winter of 1998/1999, I was driving out of Lxxx on HWY XX when I noticed a long ship, that was a straight line with a bright white light on each end and one in the middle. I didn't think much of it at first, although I did continue looking at it because it didn't resemble a plane in shape (a straight line like a cigar or something) and the lights looked different. I began to really pay attention when I turned onto the side road that lead to my subdivision...
...when I turned 90 degrees onto the side road, the craft changed direction 90 degrees as well. I took note because aircraft don't turn 90 degrees like that. The aircraft seemed to follow me change in direction, and to be descending to lower altitudes and getting closer. I remember slowing down to basically a crawl in my vehicle to watch the craft, and as crazy as this may sound, the next thing I remember is coming to standing outside my car, behind the rear bumper, driver's side door was open, no recollection of getting out of the car...
UFO pilot is coming to get you.
... now the large ship I had seen before is gone and there is a much smaller triangle sized ship hovering maybe 20 feet at most over the road and maybe 20 feet away horizontally. It was completely silent, a white light on each corner of the triangle and an orange or yellow light (it's been 16 years-hard to remember everything). I freaked out and jumped in my car and took up as fast as I could.
I ran into side as fast as I could. Upon entering the house, i looked out every window i could in each direction and saw neither ship. I proceeded to write down the entire event and (eventually) fell asleep. The next morning my girlfriend stopped by before school as she typically did and as soon as i woke up I excitedly started to tell her of the previous nights event. She told me to calm down and that I had been dreaming-reminding me I just woke up. I told her I wasn't dreaming it-to look on my dresser where I had written it all down.
I kept this mostly to myself for the last 16 years because (a) I have no proof and (b) most people don't believe you or don't care. After seeing report after report and pic after pic of similar triangle ships, I figured I'd go ahead report mine too for whatever it's worth. Thanks
No proof? No worries. Most people don't believe you or don't care? Well, I don't know if I believe you yet but I do care.

Sharp observers will have spotted the one crucial fact that's missing from the story: how much time passed between the witness driving at a crawl towards his home and "coming to" outside his car in the driveway? Without that information, it's impossible to know what might have happened to the witness, so if and when he agrees to an interview that will be one of the most important points of discussion.

Stay tuned...

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