High Strangeness: The Un-UFO

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Un-UFO

Things have been a mite slow on the Certified UFO Field Investigator front, but suddenly I have two cases pending that have curious similarities.

Both cases involve photographic evidence! Normally I'd be pretty excited by that, but, alas, the photographic evidence in both cases is so inconclusive that it might as well not exist at all. Oh, excuse me, did I say "inconclusive?" I meant to say "crap."

The first case is dated as taking place last October in a town a few hours north of me. The person who filed the report noticed anomalies in some pictures taken on his or his daughter's iPhone. Suspecting an alien presence, he filed a report with MUFON and included the photos:
"I was going to delete landscape photos taken by my daughter months earlier... something looked peculiar so I blew up area of photos that had these things and can't explain what they are so I'm sending them to you. They were taken with iPhone 4S they two photos with orbs in sky and one in grass in day time and another rectangular cloud like or silver box shaped evervesent with antennae"
That's where I came in. I read the report, I looked at the photos and I was immediately suspicious. The pictures were taken on a bright, sunny day with only a few wispy clouds in the sky, and all three were taken with the camera pointed directly at the sun. Who takes pictures pointed directly at the sun? More to the point, who takes pictures pointed directly at the sun and then is surprised to see lens flares in the photos? Moreover, there was absolutely no information given by the "daughter" about why and when and how she took the pictures or what else she may have noticed or experienced at the time.

The "silver box" looks oddly like the Caribou Coffee logo.
I talked to the gent on the phone and he was adamant that I not make up my mind about the pics until I had looked at them on an iPhone or iPad. I thought this was a curious thing to insist upon, but I decided he must work for Apple, so I played along and looked at them on my iPad with the "retina display." They didn't look any different than they had on my Windows 8 computer; just a bunch of pictures of the sun glaring down over a nondescript cornfield. Two photos show "orbs" in the sky, seemingly hovering a few feet off the ground but definitely directly between the sun and the camera. One of the "orbs" is translucent enough that you can clearly see the foliage through it, while the other is in the sky and so has nothing showing through it. The third photo, with the "silver box shaped evervesent with antennae," is harder to explain. It is light blue, not silver, but it is indeed "box shaped," if they've started to make crooked, lopsided boxes that look like galloping blue caribou. As for the "antennae," I have no idea what he's talking about, because they looked like the caribou's antlers to me. In any case, the caribou/box appears amidst some swirling clouds in the sky; nothing actually shows through it, and it has no clear border or outline...

If I were to file my report today I would classify this under "insufficient data" or "flying caribou" and call it a day. But I wanted to give the guy a chance, so I wrote to him and told him that I couldn't come to any conclusions until I could talk to his daughter. So far, no response.

The second case is only slightly less bothersome. Here's the report, such as it is:
"Was travel king north on CTY hwy X and saw it hovering over a commercial farm so I pulled over and it wiped off to the horizon and then came back right over head and then ziped back to the horizon all the wile I was takeing pics with my phone"
This person included seven photos, but two of them are complete blurs so they don't count. The other five photos show something in the sky, perhaps a mile or two in the distance, just above the tree line. All that shows in the photos is a tiny black dot; in a couple of the pics it's in one location, and the others it's in a slightly different location. It only actually looks like anything in one of the photos, but all it looks like is a slightly bigger black dot in the sky.

Still, hats off to the guy for actually pulling over and observing the dot! A lot of people would have just said, "Oh, it's a dot," and kept right on driving.

This could potentially be something interesting, but I am suspicious of the comment that the object was "right over head," because none of the seven photos show it being anywhere within a mile of the witness. He does say elsewhere in the report that the object "was over head then a mile away than came back super sonic speeds," so I guess I could excuse the guy for not getting a shot of something zooming overhead at supersonic speeds, if there was more detail to the story...

Surprisingly, the witness says in the report that he is a "scientist" with a "Master's Degree." I was actually pretty excited when I saw that, because that meant that whatever he said was automatically true. Sadly, though, he's not a real scientist; he's a "political scientist." So that gets us nowhere.

I'm hoping to talk to him soon, but for now this one is "insufficient data" as well.
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