High Strangeness: Possible Abduction, Or Something

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Possible Abduction, Or Something

Well, the Men In Black haven't shown up yet, and I'm kind of pissed. The guy who warned me/threatened me with a visit from the intimidating MIB said it was guaranteed that they would be making an appearance, because everyone he talks to about his UFO experiences gets a visit from the MIB. It almost makes me wonder whether he was telling me the truth.

Moving on, this week has become the week I work for CUFOS, the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in Chicago. First, I was asked to write Hynek's bio for CUFOS' new website, which I was honored to do, but which turned out to be really hard. I've been writing so much about the good Doctor for such a long time that it was a terrific challenge to write a brief account of his life that didn't feel as though I was skipping over anything important. Because, of course, it's all important.

Then last night, just as I was about to finish up the short-ish yet long-ish Hynek bio, I got an email from Mark Rodeghier, the Scientific Director of CUFOS, asking if I would be willing to follow up on a UFO sighting report. In his email, tantalizingly titled "Possible abduction, or something," Mark said that a woman had called CUFOS wanting to talk to someone about "some odd events" she had experienced. "Whenever people leave a message like that," he explained, "it invariably means that they think that at some point they may have been abducted, or had some type of very close encounter."

Because she now lived fairly close to me, Mark thought it would make sense for me to call the witness, and I was intrigued enough to agree. I got her on the phone, and as so often happens, she was completely surprised that someone was responding to her report. Which, as always, I found kind of charming. She asked a few questions about my background and experience, and we talked about the kinds of things other people report and why they report them, and in time she felt comfortable telling me about her experiences...

Turned out Mark was absolutely right about her. The witness had a history of close encounters to tell me about, and I found her story very compelling. Her immediate issue is that she regularly has prophetic dreams, but the prophecies seem to center on odd, unimportant things, like what's going to be on TV that night or something a friend is going to say. On the surface it doesn't make much sense, nor does it seem very extraordinary. But then she went on to tell me that she has a long history of sleep paralysis, and that her mom used to tell her that it meant she had "a witch riding her back," which has got to be the greatest creepy folk term ever. That's when I really got interested...
"The Nightmare" by John Henry Fuseli. Did this guy nail it or what?

The first significant event she recalled was a dream, that maybe wasn't a dream, that she had when she was very young. In the dream or not dream, her whole family woke up in the middle of the night and silently walked downstairs to the living room, where there was a big picture window looking out at the front lawn. They stood there staring expectantly out the window, and then a disc of light came down in the front yard and "things" started coming out of it and approaching the house. They were humanoid with "weird heads" and they seemed to wear some kind of coveralls. They started coming into the living room, and there the memory ends. She doesn't remember where or when she woke up...

The second event took place some years later. She woke up in her bed in the middle of the night and found she couldn't move or speak. A being appeared in her room, and she described it as being transparent but with a glowing blue outline that gave it form and depth. She was terrified... The entity moved in an odd staggered manner towards her bed, then touched her arm. He fear immediately vanished, and she felt "like a teacup being filled with hot water."  A sense of peace and well-being swept over her, and she sensed the entity telling her that she was ok and shouldn't be afraid... She told me it felt as though the entity was downloading the message to her, or as thought her head was "tuning into a radio station."

Now, there's no way to prove or disprove any of this. It all happened many years ago, and the witness can't say with any certainty whether these were dreams or real events; and, to her credit, she's not trying to claim that the events were anything but dreams. But... but... there's no denying that she recalls the events with astonishing detail, and, she has a striking talent for expressing her feelings and sensations associated with the events. I'm going to echo Dr. Hynek here and say that I believe the witness experienced something real, but I can't say what it was.

I'll be reporting in to Mark later today, and it will be interesting to see how CUFOS handles a case like this versus how MUFON would handle it. MUFON would have this woman inside a Faraday Cage in minutes, but what will CUFOS do? This seems like a likely candidate for time-regression hypnosis, but I'm not the guy to make that call.

More to come... I hope.

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