High Strangeness: MIB Magnet

Friday, April 18, 2014

MIB Magnet

Well, one of the disappointing UFO investigation cases that I was whining about recently has taken an unexpected turn... And because of it, I am now expecting a visit from the Men In Black. This is not just paranoia, dear readers; I was actually warned by the UFO witness that the MIB would be knocking at my door sometime soon... because, it turns out, this guy is a MIB magnet, and he swears that anyone he ever talks to about his UFO experiences eventually gets a visit from the MIB.

Frankly, I don't know what to do with that information, but depending on what happens over the next few days I think I might end up deserving a medal.

Anyway, here's the report I just filed with MUFON HQ. Make of it what you will...
Witness started out by telling me about previous UFO encounters he has reported to MUFON. When he was 19 (in 1996) he and his girlfriend saw an egg-shaped object on the beach with two "occupants" who  waved to them, then got in the object and flew away. Since then he has sighted numerous UFOs and has had at least three implants in his body, two of which have been removed and one of which is still in his arm. He says his father is/was an Army General involved in black ops and is one of the original "Men In Black." As the witness was growing up, his dad would disappear for weeks at a time and show up at home for brief visits, arriving in a black sedan and wearing a black suit. The father apparently supervised the removal of the witness' first two implants and made sure they "disappeared" and the doctor kept quiet about it.

On February 16th of this year, witness was driving along a county highway with his dog when he noticed a dark orb hovering over a large dairy farm approximately two miles ahead. The orb was slightly higher than the tree line, and remained stationary as the witness pulled over and got out of his truck. As he was using his "Blue S5" phone to take pictures of the hovering orb, the orb flew towards him at an incredible speed, stopping over his truck and killing the truck's engine. It was about 30' off the ground, 20' above the witness' head. It was about 30' feet across, "big enough to fit three or four men." The orb then flew back to the farm and he started his engine up again. Moments later the orb flew back to him, this time at "supersonic" speed, at which point his engine died again. This time the orb was no longer black but was using what the witness described as adaptive camouflage, changing its color to appear invisible in the sky. By moving around, he was able to maintain visual contact with it, however. His dog, meanwhile, was in a frenzy in the truck. The orb eventually flew back to the trees and disappeared.

Later, the witness had a friend who owns a Geiger counter take a reading of his truck, and the Geiger counter "went crazy." They did not take a picture or video of the Geiger counter readings, however. When I asked him to get another reading with documentation, he said his friend doesn't want anything more to do with it. Apparently the witness is well-known among his friends as having had numerous UFO encounters and numerous experiences with the Men in Black (his own dad being one of them), and so his friend was afraid of getting further involved.

The witness is a great observer and tells a good story, but what he told me had some major differences from what he initially reported: his report mentions flashing lights, but when I talked to him he did not say the object had any lights at all; he told me that the object made his truck engine die twice, but he never mentioned that in his initial report. Furthermore, I had him go over parts of the story two and sometimes three times, and the details about the object's appearance and behavior kept changing. When I would stop him and ask him to reconcile something he said with something different he had said previously, he uniformly stuck with the new version and showed no recognition that he had just changed his story. He continually interpreted the object's behavior as being somehow connected to him or directed at him.

Between our first talk and our second talk he added an element of missing time. In the follow-up phone call he told me that the event took 5 minutes "he thought," but then he ended up arriving at his friend's house 30 minutes late.

The photos are inconclusive. A dark spot in the sky that appears to be about a mile away is visible in some of the photos, but not others. The object is only clearly visible in image xxx, but only just. This is an interesting picture and should be subjected to analysis. Two of the photos are complete blurs, and the witness claimed that those were his attempts to get photos of the object as it flew overhead, but in both photos the camera is clearly stationary and pointed straight ahead at the horizon, and not moving around pointed at an object zooming 20' overhead.

Important points are that the orb shut his truck off not once but TWICE, and that the friend's Geiger counter "went crazy" when he examined his truck later. Wouldn't that be alarming to most people? Not to him: In a follow-up conversation he told me that he still uses the truck on a daily basis, and has not had himself or his dog checked for radiation poisoning. He excused that by explaining that the Geiger counter "didn't go all the way into the danger zone." That and the fact that he has a handy excuse for not taking another reading of the truck and documenting it this time is troubling.

It is also troubling that at the end of our first conversation he warned me I would get a visit from someone soon. I asked him who would be visiting and he said, "You know who: The Men in Black." He insisted that he gets frequent visits from the MIB, and that anyone he talks to about his UFO experiences gets a visit as well. Of course, since his dad is one of them, he says he can just tell them to go away and they do.
Who are these strange men in black, and when will they appear at my door? Fortunately, my doorbell is busted, and believe me when I say I have no intention of fixing it anytime soon.

My conclusion is that there might be something here, but the witness' biased observations and apparent wish-fulfillment fantasies make it difficult to decide what is real and what is his imagination. I recommend that his photos be analyzed and his truck be examined.
My verdict: "Unknown-Other." Which, in MUFON-speak, means "an unknown object that doesn't appear to be any type of aerial vehicle. Examples would be orbs, odd-moving lights near the ground, strange floating objects, a strange opening in the sky, etc"

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